Villa Luna International Kindergarten and Nursery

Villa Luna International Kindergarten and Nursery

Radlická 751/113e, Praha 5, 15800 Now closed - opens

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Villa Luna International Kindergarten and Nursery offers a safe and caring environment that encourages children to grow and explore. We offer your children, from 1.5 up to 7 years of age, a unique educational program with caring teachers who will help your child learn the skills they need throughout their life. The dedicated and experienced teachers give the children a part of themselves and travel through life experiences together, gaining their trust and wisely guiding them through the most formative years of their lives. The atmosphere at Villa Luna is one of mutual respect, fun and the security of home.

We have a bilingual concept (Czech-English) with native speakers of each language present throughout the whole day. Our multicultural environment is one of our most significant characteristics, as various languages can be heard from all different corners of our school. We are open from 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and aim to fulfil the needs of busy working parents.

The younger children embark on their first steps into the world under the loving guidance of our teachers. Each child is treated individually and all his or her needs are fulfilled, both physical and emotional. They spend their days full of fun activities; singing, dancing, making crafts, learning and discovering. They are gently led and encouraged to become independent and capable individuals.

The kindergarten groups continue to expand the children’s horizons, with the teachers giving the best of their specific talents in the form of interest groups and engaging projects made up of diverse activities. They focus on developing the children’s abilities in all directions and preparing them for entering school, and their future life.

We offer activity clubs within attendance (language clubs, ballet, yoga, sports, swimming, gym, music, flute, arts and crafts workshops, etc.). We cooperate with external specialists (psychologist, speech therapist, dentist, music teachers). Educational experience trips included in the school fee.

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great for kids and parents

Reviewed by pavelbrichac 08.04.2013
Villa Luna offers great team of teachers, creative, nice to kids and helping very much to kids to develop their skills. Our 3 years old boy like to be there very much. My wife and me are very busy parents, means we leave him there at 9, pick up before 18 and he would like to stay there and play... We are very happy with progress he is doing. Some things seems unbelievable. Thanks to director Olga and the team.

fantastic nursery

Reviewed by nikka01 08.04.2013
As a parent I wanted to ensure that I was leaving my child with people who would really care for her, pay attention to her and provide stimulating and fun environment. The level of care, education and entertainment is wonderful, my 19 months old daughter is really enjoying herself and she is rushing to the nursery each day to see her “nursery ladies” and little friends  the stuff is very friendly and highly professional! I am so happy to see... read more

Amazing kindergarden!!

Reviewed by gastonlevin 08.04.2013
Hi - Our little boy is going to Villa Luna since he had almost 1 year and I have to say it is "just amazing": - the teachers are perfect and give 100% every day being creative and making an outstanding learning experience for the kids. Also, is so clear how they and kids have fun together. - the facilities are is in the middle of a forest so great place for kids to develop with the nature - Flexibility of the staff, food is... read more

Top of the line child care

Reviewed by carpenterangela 03.04.2013
Our daughter has been attending Villa Luna since we relocated to Prague. The multilingual aspect is great, but the general care and attention shown to each child is what really sets Villa Luna apart. It has been the one stress-free part of our move to Prague. It is wonderful to head off to work knowing that our daughter is happy and healthy.

great place

Reviewed by Maru Gonzalez 27.03.2013 son is currently attending the sunshine group and im so happy because teachers are not onle excellent professionals but also great human being...the place is perfect as well ...i ve strongly recommend it ...cheers


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