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Valli Servis & Shop

Korunní 774/87, Praha 3, 13000 Now closed - opens tomorrow at 12:00

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The "Valli Servis" service center has been on the Czech repair market for more than 4 years, we have engineers with extensive experience in servicing computer equipment. We guarantee professional assistance in the repair and maintenance of laptops, smartphones and other devices as soon as possible.

We are quite young, but dynamically developing company that specializes in repairing technology. In our service we provide repairs, regular maintenance and complete post-warranty service for almost all commonly sold equipment: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

As part of regular maintenance, we will clean your equipment from dust, replace the thermal conductive paste, and clean the fans. Remove any defects and replace worn or defective parts with new ones. You will always know the price of the repair before starting the work. Our service performs initial diagnostics on the basis of which the final price is determined.

Our work is based on a professional approach, exclusive training of all our specialists and focus on customer satisfaction.

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Reviewed by Olena Melnychuk 20.02.2021
I was told in another service center that it was impossible to repair my laptop but these guys managed to repair it and now it works perfectly.
Response from owner: Thank you very much for your feedback!


Reviewed by Nick Taylor 18.02.2021
I contacted this service with my MacBook Pro, spilled beer on it and after that it stopped turning on. Engineers repaired it in 3 days without any unnecessary questions and for adequate money. Although before that, two services told me that this is impossible. I recommend!
Response from owner: Thank you very much for your feedback!

The best service in Prague

Reviewed by user 17.02.2021
Excellent approach to clients and excellent quality of work, at good prices. I had problems with my technique many times, they always helped!
Response from owner: Thank you very much for your feedback! We try)


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