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As an experienced sworn translator and interpreter with an 11-year record of translation and interpretation, including a number of books and long-standing cooperation with universities and high officials, I provide common and certified translation between English and Czech and interpretation both at formal events and in official capacity at state authorities.

Where possible, I use the program SDL Trados Studio 2017 when translating to ensure faster and more consistent translation especially with long-term or repeated cooperation.

Upon agreement, I can translate your web-site directly in your content management system, which saves your time and offers the possibility of a more functional translation, including adjustment to your SEO requirements for the new mutation.

The basic price of common translation is 400 CZK (16 EUR) per standard page.

The basic price of localized translation (web-site) is 450 CZK (18 EUR) per standard page.

The basic price of certified translation is 500 CZK (20 EUR) per standard page. Standardized Czech documents (birth certificates, criminal records, etc.) are translated with a 25% discount.

NOTE: Currently, most translation will be handled through combination of e-mail and land-mail.

The basic price for interpretation is
1 000 CZK (40 EUR) for one hour
1 800 CZK (72 EUR) for 2 hours
2 500 CZK (100 EUR) for 3 hours
and 750 CZK (30 EUR) per hour for translation lasting 4 or more hours.
One interpretation job may not exceed 6 hours, any extra time is considered as new calculation.

The prices listed here are preliminary and may increase or decrease based on the volume and nature of the text / length and nature of interpretation. Therefore, price calculations are made individually.

Order a calculation at

How do we go about certified sworn translation?

It is required by Czech Government regulation that certified copies be only attached to original or certified copy of the translated document and that they are made in documentary form. This is why the fastest route to take is as follows:

1. I need to receive a good quality scan of the exact specimen of document(s) you will give/send to me to be bound and sealed together with my translation. This may be the original document or, more likely, a certified copy of it.

Certified Copy
- If your document contains no protective features (holograms, relief seals, ribbons, administrative stamps, etc.), you can get a certified copy at any CzechPoint counter. There is always at least one at each Post Office.
- If your document contains protective features (holograms, relief seals, ribbons, administrative stamps, etc.), you have to get a certified copy from a Notary Public as CzechPoint is not allowed to make these.

2. Once I have received the scan and we have agreed on final price, I will start translating.

a) We agree on an appointment in Prague (elsewhere, if mutually more convenient). We meet at the place of mutual convenience, you bring the document / certified copy, I bring my translation and certification. I attach the translation to your document /certified copy, seal, stamp, sign and hand over to you. You pay the agreed sum and receive an invoice receipt.
- Advantage? We will get to know each other personally. And I will be able to deliver even an express order.
- Disadvantage? You need to make 2 trips: to certify the copy and to meet me.

b) We agree on postal communication. Once I have confirmed receiving your scan, you post the document / certified copy to an agreed address. When your consignment reaches me (usually the next day), I will have translated your document. I will simply attach the translation to your document /certified copy, seal, stamp, sign and send it back to you on the same day with your invoice.
There are two options to making the payment: a) I will post the translation to you as a POD consignment. b) The payment will be made by you to my account when you post the document(s). I will post the translation back when I have an e-mail confirmation of the payment order from you (printed to PDF from your e-banking) or when the money has reached my account.
- Disadvantage: We will not get to know each other personally. And I will not be able to speed up the delivery.
- Advantage: You only need to make 1 trip: you can certify the copy at the Post Office/Notary Public, take quality photos with your mobile, and post the certified copy while still at the Post Office / on your way back from the Notary Public.

Your material is sent to my secure encrypted e-mail box at with data storage based in Switzerland.

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Great service

Reviewed by Kalle Kekomäki 28.05.2019
Jan has a really professional approach to translation services and he is a really nice person to deal with. Overall, he provided excellent translations and was able to adjust to my challenging schedule when I needed some work certificates to be translated to English (to attach to school applications). I can recommend Jan anytime.

Client oriented

Reviewed by Norbert Krankilla 23.05.2019
Jan is not offering his service as a "box product" but looking for the best solution for client's situation instead. This approach was very helpful for me, for example in case of special needs of the document or special timing. If you are looking for human approach and not just an "advanced google translator with a certificate" then you will be satisfied.

Helpful and efficient

Reviewed by Helen Marie Devine 18.05.2019
Jan translated various official documents for me (Birth/ Marriage certificates, registration forms etc). He is very flexible, accommodating and efficient. The whole process was very easy and hassle free.

Fast and professional

Reviewed by Nata Roschina 17.05.2019
Received from Jan a good level of service! Quick turn around, translation was ready on time. Everything ok, fast and concise. Thanks!

Best Translator for Foreign Students

Reviewed by Eren Soydaş 17.05.2019
As a foreign student, I can say that he is very friendly and kind. I always work with him when I need it. He gives me very affordable offers and also he is very fast. Do not give high prices to another translator, just write an e-mail to Jan. You can talk with him everytime, his communication skills are good and also he is very funny person👍🏻.


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