Townshend International School

Townshend International School

Hradčany 1070, Hluboká nad Vltavou, 37341

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Townshend International School is a co-educational English residential and day school, accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education. Located opposite Hluboka castle in beautiful South Bohemia, Townshend offers courses leading to Cambridge Assessment International Education IGCSE and A Levels. Class sizes are small, offering a high staff to student ratio, and run from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 13 (A Levels).

The boarding programme provides a supportive cross-cultural environment and emphasises the development of qualities such as social skills, time management, ethical values, leadership, and spirituality. We seek to create a family environment where students can find brothers and sisters who help them grow during their time at Townshend and become life-long friends.

A diverse range of co-curricular activities provides a holistic and balanced education through which students develop various skills, participate in sports, gain service experience, and engage in personal development. Our programme encourages regular participation in activities, allowing students to gain experience in new areas, adding balance to their lives, and broadening their horizons.

With a world-embracing outlook, Townshend strives to continuously excel in all standards and adapt itself to the needs of a global society and an ever advancing civilisation. Our academic strengths are grounded in social responsibility and a commitment to cultural and intellectual diversity.

We welcome you to visit our website for further information on our academic and residential programmes, or to schedule a visit to our campus. We accept applications throughout the year.

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Best decision I’ve ever made (so far)

Reviewed by Valeriia Egorova 08.11.2022
I’ve spent 5 years at the school (because I chose to) and those years, without a doubt, were one big highlight. It’s a special place that it is unique in nature. While it is not perfect, because no place is, I’ve never regretted going to the school, it’s my second (if not first) home and the people I met there are now my family

My experience in TIS

Reviewed by Germán Grifo Góngora 10.05.2022
This School was my home for 3 years, I made friends and I grew as a person. I will never forget my years in Townshend and I miss them so much. Thanks to the school, literature became a hobby more than a burden. Thanks Townshend!

Home Away From Home

Reviewed by Ilker Yilmaz 04.05.2022
This is the place where I learned that strangers can become friends and that friends can become family. It was tough at times, but isn't it always when a snake sheds its skin or a caterpillar transforms to a butterfly from a cocoon. The constant support of people, that I learned to love and respect over time, in good days as well as bad days made it easier for me. To this day I have yet to experience a place to be home away from home like... read more

Great experience!

Reviewed by Pedro Giomo 04.05.2022
No matter what people say, Townshend is a great place and has helped me grow in many ways. I came to this school when I was only 12, and I still see my decision to move from Brazil to Czech Republic as one of the best decisions in my life. I have made many friends throughout the years, and those friends I now consider family. Townshend feels like home to me, and I hope to see this school prospering more and more throughout the years.


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