Life Church

Life Church

Hrdoňovická 2559/18, Praha 9, 19300 Now closed - opens at 11:00

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We are part of a registered Church in the Czech Republic called "New Hope" we are also the "Church of God" (Cleveland, TN).

We have been here for more than 27 years and everyone is welcome to come and worship with us.

Why do you have Church services?

In a daily changing world there seems to be no sure place where we can find a foothold to stand and no unmovable object of our affections that we can orientate our hearts. Our relationship with God the Father and his son Jesus Christ are just that, an unchanging part of our lives. To help us maintain this relationship we set aside time each week to pray, worship with music and listen to the Words of God from the Bible.

Why do you do what you do?

We believe that God exists, that he loves everyone and has a plan for each of our lives. If we believe that, then we are faced with the old fashioned word “Submission”. This is simply recognition that God is greater, smarter, and we simply follow his ways as shown to us in the Bible instead of going our own ways.

What are you doing for the community?

As a group of believers the worst thing we could do is to close our eyes to the needs of the community that we live in. Being a believer in Jesus Christ is synonymous to caring for those around us. His words “Love one another as I have loved you” are a directive to us to look outside own four walls to the needs of others and to demonstrate what real community is.

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