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The funniest museum in Prague!

A fascinating world of unreal optical illusions.
Perfect fun for all ages.
Unique experience and great photos.
More than 100 interactive entertainment exhibits.
The largest museum of trick illusions in Prague.

Welcome to the magical world of optical illusions! Be part of a stunning exposure to fantastic optical illusions and large-format trick paintings. Set out for a unique experience at the most entertaining Czech museum. Before you visit, make sure your camera is fully charged and has enough memory to take unprecedented and funny photos and videos.

Try a magic chair or magical room that turns you into a dwarf or a giant. Let the wizard fire a cannon or levitate in the air. You suddenly find your head on the table or you can enjoy King Kong. The famous alchemist Edward Kelley will magically trap you in his medieval lab and the dinosaur will carry you to his nest in his talons. Let Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein entertain you. You'll see the real smile of Mona Lisa and it's not the one you know from the picture! Walk up the ceiling of the room, turn into a prima ballerina, see your true mirror image, become the most beautiful person in the world, and experience many more ....

The Museum of Fantastic Illusions is a wonderful place for children and adults where you will not believe your own eyes! It is completely original and different from anything that has been seen before and not only in the Czech Republic. You can end your visit in the famous 1922 Myšák café and patisserie, which is right next to the museum.

The museum is on a pedestrian route in the historical centre of Prague in Vodickova Street 31 near Wenceslas Square on the 1st floor of the Myšák Gallery. It is easily accessible by public transport, by metro A, B and trams. The tram stop is very close to the museum.

It is open 7 days a week, including public holidays, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Have fun!

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Metro: Můstek (142 m)
Tram: Václavské náměstí (72 m)
Bus MHD: Štěpánská (630 m)
Train: Praha hlavní nádraží (892 m)
Children under 15 years only accompanied by an adult.
No animals, food, drinks, prams, umbrellas, backpacks, weapons, etc.
Free lockers available at the entrance.
Taking photos and videos is allowed.

We accept credit cards.
Open year-round.
Advance reservation is not required. Reservations are only recommended for groups of 20 or more.
The standard tour is about 60 - 90 minutes.
Opening hours are subject to change.
You can put your belongings in a free locker at the entrance.

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Good fun

Reviewed by user 22.12.2022
Took the kids to this one, it was really fun!


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