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"Where the wheels fail to pass… Try continuous tracks!" company has expanded its portfolio of a unique product - miniTANK.

Test drive of your dreams - drive a miniTANK King Tiger in the center of Prague or in Benešov, where you can enjoy a ride in an interesting, rugged terrain, which also meets the security conditions!

Or perhaps you have a place, which you think is impassable for off-road? We will convince you otherwise!

Thanks to continuous tracks, uneven terrain or insurmountable obstacles become a challenge!

Tank drives the internal combustion engine, control is very similar to the real tank and very simple. You need no license and even children older than 10 years can have a go. Just a short briefing and anyone who dares to sit in for the control of this machine can become a tank driver. We believe that you've managed all sorts of vehicles but a tank? Now you or your children have a unique opportunity to test its control. The truth is a little less than its fair fellow, but give you the same unique experience!

• Engine capacity: 690 cm3
• Rated power: 14 kW (20 HP)
• Hydraulic drive
• Wading depth: 250 mm
• Dimensions: width 1.2 m, length 2.25 m
• Weight: 500 kg
• Maximum speed: 20 km/h
• SAFETY FEATURES: Safety belt + suit + helmet

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