Mgr. Pavol Mlej, advokát / attorney

Mgr. Pavol Mlej, advokát / attorney

Římská 1222/33, Praha 2, 12000 Now closed - opens

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I provide legal services in the Czech and Slovak Republics. I mainly focus on private law, in particular concerning civil, commercial and real estate law, and family law. In addition to the aforementioned areas, I also work on cases involving compensation for damages, the recovery of receivables and insolvency proceedings and I participate in legal audit projects involving both corporations and real estate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. If necessary I also work closely with specialists in criminal law, immigration law, taxation and accountancy, but also with renowned experts on the sale and rental of real estate.

When working, I place an emphasis not only on a high level of quality and expertise, but also on confidentiality, a human approach and friendly and fair conduct. I always opt for solutions which are not only the best for the client from a legal point of view, but are also the most effective from the point of view of costs. I also proceed in the same manner when invoicing legal services, where the client always knows in advance what the final price for the legal services will be.

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Top quality service

Reviewed by user 12.03.2023
I needed professional advice and came across Mr. Mlej through this website. I could not obtain a better service. Mr Mlej was very professional, detail oriented and understanding. The service obtained was good value for money. I would use his services in the future in case I would need them.

Professional lawyer, recommended

Reviewed by user 18.08.2022
Thank you very much for your help

עו"ד מקצועי

Reviewed by Hila Manor Ilan 18.08.2022
תודה רבה על העזרה

Good Advocat

Reviewed by user 13.01.2021
Helped me with a case in Prague.

Great firm. Great attorney

Reviewed by Martin Lesso 28.02.2020
Pavol Mlej brought my case to a close quickly and with very satisfactory results. Hi took the stress from my shoulders and gave me back a peaceful and happy nights sleep. I'm forever grateful to him and I will be recommending his services for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your help and support through this very trying time.