KIDS Company Praha

KIDS Company Praha

Hradešínská 1931/58, Praha 10, 10100 Now closed - opens

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We are a bilingual Czech-German kindergarten for children aged 2-6. The school was founded in 2005 and offers a programme with qualified teachers who are native Czech and German speakers. A sufficient number of teachers-to-pupils per class allows us to provide individual and quality care for all children. We take individual and loving care of the youngest children in the “Küken” class, for whom we have prepared a safe environment and a programme appropriate to their age. In the “Enten” class, we discover the world with children from three years of age, and support their natural curiosity and joy of learning new things. We offer a special programme to pre-schoolers in the “Schwalben” group and prepare them for entry into Czech, German and/or international schools. The kindergarten is located in a beautifully renovated family villa with a garden in a quiet part of Prague's Vinohrady district. The kindergarten has two classes, with a total capacity of 40 children.

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Happy children

Reviewed by Olga Brantová 12.09.2017
I would like to share my great experience with Kids Company Praha. I’ve chosen this kindergarten not only because of the development of the Czech and German language, but also for the pleasant environment and excellent treatment of all children and their parents. There always prevails a pleasant atmosphere in the kindergarten, you can see a very professional and at the same time comfortable and home-like relation to the children. For me as the... read more


Reviewed by lucie pavlaskova 28.02.2017
i would like to thank to kids company prague team for an excellent and enthusiastic work with kids. our son started visiting this kindergarden two years ago when he was 2 and since that time he became very creative and skillfull boy who understands and slowly starts speaking german, even if we are complete czech family. i appreciate the attitude of the teachers entertaining and educating childer in interesting, playfull and educational... read more

Great kindergarten and even better teachers

Reviewed by Alma Heinz 25.10.2016
Kids company is really a great kindergarten and absolutely recommendable! Our son was two years there and he loved this kindergarten and his teachers. He learned so much there and made a lot of friends. I can't say enough about the teachers, finding them has been such a blessing, they gave our son an amazing preschool experience and he still talk about memories he made there. This is the kindergarten that you want your child to artend!

First choice for German speaking or bilingual families

Reviewed by Karin Soosova 21.02.2016
Kids Company is a great place for kids. I consider it the Nr.1 choice for German speaking families (or Czech-German), because it’s the only kindergarden of this type in Prague with relatively long opening hours (until 6pm). Other similar places have either shorter opening hours, or have also English during the day (which at least for us is too much because that would be the 4rd language for our 2 kids). The kids are split in 3 groups depending... read more


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