I.L.T.S. Praha, s.r.o.

I.L.T.S. Praha, s.r.o.

Washingtonova 1624/5, Praha 1, 11000 Now closed - opens at 08:00

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Our company provides comprehensive language services based on the principles of expertise, professionalism and flexibility and on an individual approach to our customers.

We supply translations and interpreting and all the required official, certified and notarial authentication. We also deal with higher levels of document authentication, apostilles, legalisation and super-legalisation.

We provide our services in more than 40 languages.

The company organises conference-type events and provides them with interpretation facilities and the accompanying guide and assistant services.

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In the centre of Prague, ready to help with visas, zivno (trade lic.), partnership residency, CZ & US tax returns, establishing sro company, virtual address, parental allowance...