Guitar Lessons in Prague

Guitar Lessons in Prague

Křižíkova 477/119, Praha 8, 18600

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Formations in Acoustic and Electric Guitar, (steel string, 7-8 strings and more available).

Finger style Advanced (New)
Solo masters (New)
Flamenco techniques (New)
Ear learning any style (Hot)

Would you like to become a great guitar player or just to learn how to play your favourite songs? We can teach you how to play any style of music or the songs you like the most, from modern finger style, Rock, Pop, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Blues, Classic, Bossa Nova, Fusion, World Music and more!

Do you want to sound like your favorite guitar players?
Learn to play any rhythm, melody, groove, strumming pattern, solo, riff or arpeggio in the way that you like. Learn the right techniques for right and left hand and enjoy with out limits. (Hyper modern techniques may apply and of course we have prepared them for you).

Would you like to write your own guitar songs?
Learn harmony, music notation, and music theory in order to understand how to create Music. If you don’t want to learn music notation, I can teach you with the simplest method used by Professionals all over the world, learn the same things with the Tab system!

Looking forward to improve your level?
Learn all the most important scales and modes, chord progressions, riff building, pick or hand strumming techniques, arpeggios, any kind of chords, sweep picking, tremolo, simple and complex rhythm patterns, scales, chord progressions, tappings, bendings, hammer-on, pull-offs, slides, interesting tricks, construction of solos, and more.

Something more?
Regardless how beginner or advanced you are, keeping an audio diary or your progress, recording your current favourite songs or even a full song production, we can guide your step by step. You can record in our music studios or we can teach you how to do it at your own place or music studio. With more than 20 years experience in music production we have the privilidge to share with you all what you need to become your own recording engineer or producer, or you let us do it for you.

A bit more?
Yes! In our studios we can record a music video with the best music gear, plugins, pedal effects, mics and even to consider some extra shooting outdoors. So what are you waiting for you?

Available Formations:
The art of playing guitar
Master my guitar (Electric, Acoustic, Steel string)
Finger style (intermediate, beginner, advanced)
Formation for absolute beginners
Formation in Spanish Guitar or Flamenco
Formation in Acoustic guitar, 6 and 12 string acoustic or electro acoustic guitar and folk guitar
Formation in Electric guitar
Formation in Composition
Formation in Modern Guitar
Formation in different styles of music
Formation as a Performer on Stage, playing Covers, Live Sets or Concerts
Custom Formation.

All levels and ages:
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Children and Adults!
Reference: (Youngest recorded student / artist was less than 7yo. and we produced with him 4 songs. Current oldest student 73 years old, playing from pop, jazz and pretty good at improvisation).

English, German French, Russian and Spanish fluently spoken! Czech possible.
(Italian and Czech basic communication level).

More information and booking lessons, please contact me via email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to start your formation.
Best regards,

For more information about my lessons follow me on my websites. Booking lessons via email.

Share and learn, ready to have fun? Contact us!

Guitar Lessons in Prague
International Guitar Lessons
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