Lash & Brow Design by Nora de Paula

Lash & Brow Design by Nora de Paula

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Hi. Im Nora de Paula, an advanced trained eyelash extensions specialist providing an expert level lash service in Prague.

I come from a family of artists who have taught me to see things visually artistically, which I feel has helped me be a perfectionist at what I do. Using my natural talents and advanced lash extensions skills, I can create many beautiful looks ranging from subtle and natural to glamorous and dramatic look.

I speak fluent English and Spanish.

My collection of eyelash extensions includes:

Classic Lashes

Classic Lash Eyelash Extensions are perfect if you have a lot of strong natural lashes to work with, as only one synthetic lash is bonded per natural lash. Excellent fullness and length can be added to give you a natural yet enhanced look.

80-100 eyelash extensions are usually used for a full set in a Classic Eyelash Extensions application. The natural hair cycle means that no matter how well the eyelash extensions are bonded, some of the eyelashes will be lost due to natural lash fall, hence the requirement for infills and maintenance.

Treatment time will vary between 1-2 hours depending on the desired look. Classic Eyelash Extensions can last 2-3 weeks before infills are needed.

Volume Lashes

Volume Eyelash Extensions are the hottest trend in Europe right now and involves placing multiple lash extensions onto one natural eyelash in a fanned shape. The result is 160-800 eyelash extensions applied per eye, far greater than the 80-100 eyelash extensions used in Classic Lash Eyelash Extensions.

For this method, very fine, soft and light eyelash extensions are required, allowing multiple lashes to be applied without being too heavy or unnatural and without damaging the natural lash. 2D/3D/4D/5D/6D/7D/8D are all types of Volume Lash designs. The number refers to how many eyelash extensions are applied per natural eyelash.

Volume Lashes last significantly longer before a noticeable need for refill due to the much larger number of lashes added per natural lash. Treatment time will vary between 2-3hours depending on the desired look and the strength of the natural lash. Volume Eyelash Extensions can last 3-4weeks or indefinitely if maintained with refills.


CLASSIC: new set 1500 CZK, 2 wks refill 500 CZK, 3 wks refill 750 CZK, 4 wks refill 1000 CZK
VOLUME: new set 3000 CZK, 2wks refill 660 CZK, 3 wks refill 990 CZK, 4 wks refill 1320 CZK
Eyelash Extensions Removal: 300 - 500 CZK

1 week: 3~7 days, 2 week: 8~14 days, 3 week: 15~21 days, 4 week: 22~28. After 28 days or if more then 2/3 of your eyelash or brow extensions are gone the retouch price is the new set price.

I know that hearing real client stories and testimonials is sometimes the best way to determine if a product or service is something you would like to try yourself. So I recently asked a couple of my clients to write down their experience with getting the semi-permanent lash extensions and I hope reading these reviews help you to make up your mind whether my services are for you :-)

For bookings and enquiries please call: +420 720 425 300

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Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

Reviewed by Adriana Zwierzanska 14.01.2015
Friendly, relaxing and very professional! I fully recommend Lash & Brow Design by Nora de Paula! Nora is by far the best eyelashes specialist that I have found in Prague. My lashes always look natural, last a long time and she makes the whole process enjoyable!

Flawless beautiful lashes

Reviewed by sjholloway 09.12.2014
I've tried many different lash artists and none can compare to Nora. She consistently does perfect work at a very affordable price. Not only is she friendly and kind, she always exceeds all expectations professionally.

Natural and beautiful look

Reviewed by Emmely.Rodin 01.12.2014
I have been going here for about a year now, and every time I leave with a beautiful set of lashes. The price is affordable and the lashes are of high quality. It is a perfect all round experience.


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