Expats Explore Prague

Expats Explore Prague

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A) Regular guided walks in Prague
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C) Guided walks in Prague for bussiness companies

I’m far from a know-it-all formal Prague guide whose plan is do nothing but bore you to death with facts and (mostly made up) stories. My walks are a reflection of my personality. Informal, fun (you’ll need to trust me on this for now) and all about giving you context and connecting the dots. I believe Prague's history is contagiously fascinating, but you won't feel it properly unless it’s presented clearly without all the fluff and other “hovadiny”. (pardon my Czech)

Remember, knowing the history of the country you live in helps you build a stronger bond with it and its people.

Who's walking you around Prague?

Tereza Molková, DiS. Nice to meet you!

I'm a licensed Prague travel guide and a guide for the Czech Republic

13 years of experience with clients from the USA. (Or as you can hear me saying “13 years on the street, there's no question or demand that can surprise me at this point.” :))

In addition to a Prague tourist guide, I'm an expert lecturer in art history and standard history at the school of tourism

A lover of my work, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world

Sarcastic and ironic (read: my clients are never bored)

Politically incorrect, but showing you around Prague with love while giving you facts instead of fairy tales about headless knights (you know what I mean, right? :))

I create a safe space during the walks, you can ask me anything. I love good discussions.

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Prague in different way. Meet Tereza

Reviewed by Ma Jaklova 18.05.2023
Do you like to get the Prague in differently? On more interesting way? With a lot of “wow moments”? Learn about czech history in context? Meet Tereza :) She is great. She is perfect. She is amazing. I have met her for 5 times and never be bored. Highly recommended My daughter /14/loves her too.

Me and my American BF loved the walk!

Reviewed by Martina Honsová 18.05.2023
I can´t recommend Tereza as a guide enough. I´ve lived in Prague for years, and yet all the stories she shared with us during the walk were brand new to me. It was my BF´s second visit to Prague, and he´s a true history geek, so it was a perfect way to show him around, avoiding the traditional crowded city tours. It was just Terka and us, and we were in complete control of how the walk was going - what we wanted to see/hear about, how long it... read more