Little Van that Can

Little Van that Can

Evropská 506/227, Praha 6, 16100

5.0 Reviewed by 7 users
Thousands of satisfied expats over half a decade of moving. We have different sizes of vans for transportation jobs in and around Prague and a team of lifters in case you don't want to carry. Elevator or no elevator, we are the guys who can.

Anywhere in Europe.

The complete service! See our website for van and price details and Facebook for recommendations.

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Excellent price for a moving service "with a human face"

Reviewed by Christopher Montel 01.11.2023
I highly recommend this firm to anyone in Prague who feels discouraged with overpriced quotes and vague estimates given by moving companies. We loaded and unloaded the stuff as quickly as we could, Tim was both helpful and cautious - reassuring and reliable. The price he gave me at the end beats any of his competitors. Will absolutely call him again when I need to move again and strongly recommend him.

Could not recommend more

Reviewed by Evri 22.07.2023
Booked and within a week the guys had availability. Tim was awesome, really speedy and helpful but also genuinely careful with all our stuff. Couldn’t recommend more. If you have a lot of stuff to get up lots of flights of steps definitely recommend hiring the second person that the guys offer. Hopefully will not have to move for a while but if we do have to we will definitely be using the guys again.

Higly recommended

Reviewed by Zsófi Fekete 26.06.2023
Nice, kind, effective and affordable service. I definitely recommend them, and I will definitely call them in the future when I will need to move.

Highly recommend

Reviewed by user 25.10.2021
Very kind, efficient, competent, and affordable service. I would highly recommend to anyone moving in and around Prague.

Little Van That Can

Reviewed by Neil Telford 28.07.2021
I asked these guys to help get rid off some old sofas I had as part of a house move. Absolutely no problem - they even disposed of the sofas and invoiced me later, (as we were not sure of the price for the disposal). Great service, really helpful - highly appreciated and recommended.