Expat Taxes
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EXPAT TAXES was founded to offer expats a high-quality option for English-speaking tax professionals in the Czech Republic. We are small company and we deal specifically with tax and accounting issues only.
We provide Virtual business seat services as well. We are Certified tax advisor company.

We are able to prepare your Income tax return for 3000 CZK in one week; set up your Zivno (Trade licence) for 6000 Czk and many other services...

As business owners, we noticed that many of our expat colleagues were constantly having the same issues we were having - and one of those issues was finding a good Czech accountant for a reasonable price. Now, there`s a solution – EXPAT TAXES!

We work fast and do our job in high quality. We communicate with the clients openly and try to find the best solution for them; we have clear prices listed on our website.

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Amazing job

Reviewed by David Asuncion 17.04.2022
My tax return was a bit different, since involved three different countries. Once Michaela had the full picture Lucie performed the tax assesment . Very good comunication, very professional, next year I will request their services for sure.

Superb !! Michaela Made Doing My Tax Return A Pleasure

Reviewed by David Hewitt 28.02.2017
I can't recommend the company and Michaela enough. This was my first year of trading and I was dreading my Tax Return because of my very limited Czech, Michaela did everything for me and at lightening speed - fantastic ! I will be a client for many years :-)

Excellent quality work at a reasonable price

Reviewed by Jan Pochop 06.02.2017
I have been working in the Czech Republic for more than 10 years and doing my taxes mostly on my own, though I have tried a few Czech speaking services. Expat taxes is priced competitively to the market, but also offers service in English, which is much appreciated. They are very professional and quick. I highly recommend them.

Excellent accounting services

Reviewed by Mimi Violette 05.04.2016
Michaela was very efficient and accommodating with our taxes. She even connected with our mortgage broker, as we needed some extra collaboration to ensure we were in an appropriate tax bracket... My partner and I both highly recommend her services.

Excellent service

Reviewed by Pezi.Pezov 19.03.2015
Last year I used the services of Expat Taxes and yes, Michaela was perfect. In about 24 hours she managed to deal with all my stuff – including some income from out-of-Czech Republic and explanatory letter to the tax authorities clarifying that I don’t have yet my “rodne cislo”. I am very happy with the service and will definitely contact her this year too.


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