English College in Prague - Anglické gymnázium, o.p.s.

English College in Prague - Anglické gymnázium, o.p.s.

Sokolovská 139/320, Praha 9, 19000

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The English College in Prague – Anglické gymnázium o.p.s. is a selective six-year English grammar school, which is also part of the Czech school system. In 1995 it became the first school to offer the International Baccalaureate in the Czech Republic and every year around 70 of our students take the full IB Diploma exams. Most ECP graduates go on to study at universities mainly in the UK, but also in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world. The College is a public benefit company, established by the English College Foundation, and supervised by an independent body of unpaid Governors who give their time voluntarily.

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ECP stands out!

Reviewed by Kateřina Bečková 23.02.2017
I have known ECP well for the past 8 years; my son went through the program, my older daughter will graduate next year and my youngest is planning to join. I consider education to be one of the most important things in life. I am very well acquainted with most of what Prague offers in schools and I believe ECP stands out. They are preparing children through their challenging IB and Czech Maturita programs for university and life beyond in a... read more


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