Driving school VT centrum

Driving school VT centrum

Kašperská 965/2, Praha 10, 10400

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Driving licences – all categories.

Why take driving licence tests at our Driving School?
- You will try the first drive in the quiet and safe premises of Knotek industrial park so you do not have to go driving in the traffic immediately.
- We have reasonable prices and you can pay in instalments. You can also pay by card.
- The effectiveness of teaching at our Driving School is multiplied by the unique teaching set Schroter.
- You yourself will choose a lecturer who will meet your prospects.
- You can choose one of four branches of our driving licence school at Prague 1, 4, 10 and in Český Brod. Or we can come to your place.
- We provide a training also in the cars with the automatic transmission.

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