Chapeau Rouge
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Chapeau Rouge, founded in 1919 and established as a dazzling star in the massive sky of Prague night clubs, it has been redefining its eminent presence in past epochs. Located in an Art Noveau house in the city centre, with a lavishly styled interior, today it serves as an attraction to a crowd of mass proportions. Everyday djs, live concerts and performances on 3 floors with 4 bars and 3 stages.

Despite the name, wearing red hats is not exactly commonplace here. It should however be noted that this three-level enterprise is located on the site where until 1913 the „U Štupartů“ house (also called „Devil’s pub“ by clever locals) stood from times when the Kingdom of Bohemia was the centre of the Holy Roman Empire and protesting against the Church was an eerie and uncommon sight. The 21st century’s Chapeau Rouge still offers its audience an entourage of both devils and angels. Apart from the Irish-pub like atmosphere on the ground fl oor there are two lower levels, or subterranean stages in cellars built during an age known only by historians. On the fi rst level there is a dance fl oor with both domestic and outlandish top dance DJs skillfully spinning on stage throughout the year, and is open to all with free entrance. Downstairs, a newly renovated space on the deepest rockbed was recently opened. This „Underground Club“ focuses mainly on live concerts by various indie bands, the occasional theatrical act, multimedia presentations as well as other mind blowing performances. Nevetheless, a delicious musical mixture of funk, hardcore, indie rock, disco and just about anything else that might satisfy ones tastes is regularly served from dusk ‘til dawn. Actually there‘s more than just music to experience at Chapeau Rouge. Anyone interested in visual arts are cordially invited to witness and behold the underground conceptual space featuring extravagantly lit sculptures and forms of streetart.

The newest space opened at Chapeau rouge is new Fenester Gallery. It is the only window gallery in Prague with a permanent curator.The gallery occupies one of the Chapeau rouge showcases. It offers a great opportunity for young artists to show their talent and also present their work directly to the public. Every artist can present his/her work for one month (including the vernissage).

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Brilliant night out!

Reviewed by EmmalineA 06.03.2014
Love this place, the drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is great. Really enjoyed the club downstairs too, would definitely come here again.

Perfect place to have fun!

Reviewed by yuli 23.05.2012
I love this club! On the top floor You can sit and drink beer and if you're in the dancing mood you can go down and there is always something - DJs or bands. Just perfect place to have fun.


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