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CENTRAL GROUP is a dependable residential developer that has long held a leading position in the Czech new housing market. We offer the largest selection of apartments and houses for sale in Prague and Karlovy Vary.

Visit: www.central-group.cz

The widest selection and the best-selling

CENTRAL GROUP offers the widest selection of new apartments and family houses in Prague and Karlovy Vary. Our properties are currently the top selling ones on the market. In 2007, we had sales of over 5.8 billion Czech crowns. CENTRAL GROUP has an approx. 20% share of the new apartment and house market in Prague, and because of the amount of building work undertaken, we are able to offer very attractive prices for our properties, despite the current steep rise in prices of building materials and labour.

New developments and other news every month

CENTRAL GROUP is the only new-building company to provide information on new developments and other news on a monthly basis. This information is published on the first day of every month on our website, www.central-group.cz, and includes a 3D virtual tour for viewing all apartment developments and family houses. At our headquarters, we also have models of our developments and a showroom for choosing the internal fixtures of your property.

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