Canadian Medical
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Canadian Medical provides care at 8 clinics in Prague and Brno and has expanded its services with an inpatient department equipped with two state-of-the-art operating theatres. We are the facility of choice for English-speaking foreigners living in Prague.

The heart of our medical care was and remains doctors who have experience from the best Czech hospitals and from abroad and are well versed on current developments in their respective fields. We place strong emphasis on the relationship and organisational aspects of care.

Today, Canadian Medical has more than twenty years of experience with providing care to patients and has undergone dramatic development thanks to the diligent work of our doctors and nurses, as well as our supporting colleagues. We have become part of the Czech healthcare group EUC, thus becoming the biggest network of premium clinics in the Czech Republic. We provide care in eight locations in Prague and Brno, and we have expanded our care with the addition of an inpatient department with two state-of-the-art operating rooms. However, the foundation remains the same. We strive to provide our patients with the best possible care, both medical and organisational, with the human touch.

We have successfully retained our quality and safety certificate from the Czech Society for Accreditation in Healthcare and our ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Thanks to the quality of care, we remain the first choice for foreigners living in the Czech Republic. We are pleased that we take care of, for example, members of the diplomatic corps and even Hollywood stars, who occasionally come to us when they are shooting in Prague. However, the largest part of Canadian Medical’s clientele comprises Czech patients who want to receive the best possible medical care and are looking for a high standard of services.

Since the merger with EUC Premium, which originally belonged to the Medicover group, Canadian Medical has become the biggest provider of medical services for employers in the Czech Republic.

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