Calinesse Bohemia

Calinesse Bohemia

Dřevná 6, Praha 2, 12800

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Natural cosmetics Calinesse based on the donkey milk. Manufactured in Switzerland, approved by certificates BIO and ECO from the renowned swiss ECOCERT laboratories. Câlinesse brand has developed its own unique system of facial & body treatments which make full use of medicinal and calming ability of the donkey´s milk and organic essential oils contained in our cosmetics. In our beauty salon we provide 6 different nurturing and relaxing procedures.

A full range of facial and body treatments beauty care for women and a range of the baby care.
Recipes are an ingenious combination of donkey milk and organic plant extracts. The unique properties of milk that come from a rich content of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and active ingredients with antioxidant and regenerative effects, help to fight against premature skin aging. At the same time the natural bases provide the perfect distribution of active substances contained in vegetable oils into the skin.

Contained mineral salts promote skin cleansing, because they contribute to more rapid removal of dead cells. This releases space for the growth of new, healthy cells. Donkey milk also contains a sufficient amount of lipids that nourish the skin. Essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, help to smooth absorption of vitamins. It accelerates the treatment of diseases such as eczema or psoriasis and also helps maintain skin elasticity.

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