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BOTAS 66 represents a lifestyle label of the traditional Czech sports brand Botas. Its foundation in 2008 was initiated by young designers Jan Kloss and Jakub Korouš originally as a school project. It is based on the iconic model Botas Classic, which was launched in Czechoslovakia in 1966 and once for all ranked in the Czech dictionary general word "botasky" as a reference to any sport shoe. Strong link to historical tradition, honest domestic production and connection to contemporary award-winning design are the hallmarks of BOTAS 66. All products are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

At present, BOTAS 66 has to account for 4 dimensional lines linked to the history of the Botas brand. In addition to the flagship model CLASSIC, there is a high-top model MID, RUN - inspired by the morphology of running shoes, or the latest street style URBAN. In total it has to account for more than 120 designs, which are available in unisex sizes including special models for kids or vegans.


Skořepka 4
Prague 1 – Old Town

Křížkovského 18
Prague 3 – Žižkov

Both stores are operated directly by the BOTAS 66 original young designers and initiators.

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