24Hour Investing
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Fintech apps allow non-US citizens to access the largest capital market in the world, the US Stock Exchanges. Investment income is a proven method to supplement retirement, down payments for car or house purchases, and even travel vacations. But, where do you invest and how long should you hold your investment?

The cliche that all beginner-investors are taught is to buy low, sell high, and hold your investments forever. This is what our parents have told us, and what our parents' parents have told them. This has and will always be a proven long-term strategy. But all industries undergo change, and the introduction of fintech apps means there are hundreds of millions of new investors around the globe that are following this exact strategy. Separate yourself from the competition by doing things safe and secure, but different.

24Hour Investing educates student-investors to be in control of their own money, receive 100% of the profit, and minimize the risk. Dennis Wisco, lead instructor, is a 20+ year investor and portfolio manager, and provides education and guidance to expats living in Czechia who are seeking to make short-term investment income. Together with Anna Rubešová, they are helping over 200 student-investors (more than 50% who are women) become more financially secure for their futures and their families.

Learn more by visiting 24hourinvesting.cz and use the discount code -- 24hourexpat -- and receive 24% off enrollment.

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