Work in the Czech Republic? Use 10 vacation days for a 20-day holiday this spring!

Due to a late Easter this year, Czech employees can string together a 20-day holiday for the cost of 9 vacation days

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 03.01.2019 15:11:00 (updated on 03.01.2019) Reading time: 2 minutes

Planning that big vacation this year? Wondering when might be the best time to go?

Earlier this week, we published our annual Czech Holiday Calendar that outlines all public holidays in the Czech Republic during the course of 2019. That includes a total of ten (of 13) holidays that fall on weekdays, meaning most workers will get the day off.

And due to a late Easter this year, four of those 10 weekday holidays just happen to fall within a couple weeks of each other.

Bad timing, perhaps, for some businesses. But a boon for employees willing to get a little creative for their spring vacation.

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Starting from Good Friday, which falls on April 19 this year, through Victory Day on Wednesday May 8, employees can string together a holiday with a total of 20 consecutive days off work – – for the cost of a mere 10 vacation days.

In-between those two dates, Easter Monday (April 22 this year) and Labor Day (Wednesday, May 1) are also public holidays in the Czech Republic. With three weekends, 10 of the 20 days in the span are non-working days for most employees.

Because Easter dates change each year, you won’t get another chance to catch all these public holidays so close to each other until 2030, when Easter Monday also falls on the 22nd (though it falls on the 21st in 2025).

The average employee in the Czech Republic gets a total of 25 vacation days. That means you can still have 15 vacation days left after taking a 20-day holiday in late-April/early-May.

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