Woodkid aka Yoann Lemoine

Interview for the album “The Golden Age” before the Colours 2013 gig

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 16.05.2013 11:50:58 (updated on 16.05.2013) Reading time: 2 minutes

1. You’ve been behind the camera for years as the director of well-known video clips for Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lana del Rey. Your first album “The Golden Age” is coming out soon. Would you describe yourself as more of a musician or a director, or are you just an artist in general?
„I’m very uncomfortable … same thing to me.“   [0:56]

2. Does your work as a director intermingle with your work as a musician?
„I like to work … come together.“   [1:02]

3. Some people don’t like music videos because they replace their own associations to the music…
„I, I do understand that  … than that today.“   [1:36]

4. The first single “Iron” has been out for a while. Was that the song that started it all?
„Iron wasn’t the first … song at all.“   [1:07]

5. Agyness Deyn features in the video for “Iron”. How did that come about?
„I met Agyness … it was that simple.“   [0:33]

6. With so many projects, you seem to be quite a workaholic…
„Yeah I work a lot … vacation itself.”   [0:27]

7. Musically, your current single “I Love You” sounds very experimental. What was your inspiration?
„I was very inspired … very underwater.”   [1:01]

8. Who are the words “I love you” for?
„In the book that … disappears somehow.”   [0:59]

9. On your album “The Golden Age”, did you use themes of adolescence for nostalgic reasons?
„It is nostalgics … almost like fantasy.“   [1:13]

10. What were your dreams as a teenager?
„I’ve always dreamed … around music somehow.“   [1:40]

11. As a director and as a musician, you have to be quite assertive. Were you always that way?
„I learned to be determined … what you want.”   [0:43]

12. Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lana del Rey – you’ve made videos for the biggest pop princesses. How did you end up collaborating with them?
„Ahm, I love working … very exciting.”   [1:24]

13. Are the young ladies professional, or are any of them divas?
„‚They are professional … work with these people’.”   [0:55]

14. Who’s the nicest – Rihanna, Katy Perry or Lana del Rey?
„Oh, I can’t say … soulmate somehow.”   [0:17]

15. Which golden age did you name your album “The Golden Age” after?
„The album is called … and happy, who knows.”   [1:43]

16. How much of your own youth is on “The Golden Age”?
„I don’t project … make it their own.“   [1:27]

17. You’re also publishing a book for the album, what is it about?
„I actually went back … abstract than this.”   [1:15]

18. What is the second single “Run Boy Run” about?
„It’s a song I did … all over the place.“   [2:20]

19. Bucovina, electro, singer-songwriter – your album has very different influences – where does this mix of styles come from?
„I think my album … can you go in the emotion.”   [1:45]

20. In the future, you’d also like to direct a movie. Is this work comparable to that of a musician?
„You know the way … priority, for sure.”   [1:44]

21. Do you already have a topic for your movie?
„I do have topics … working on right now.”   [1:04]

22. Since you’re an expert, what as the last good movie you saw?
„I’ve been very obsessed … thought it was beautiful.”   [1:03]

23. Last year you impressed people with your live shows. What can we expect from your concerts, including those coming up in Germany in spring?
„I have two formations … what really matters.”   [1:54]


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