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Craig Monts

Written by Craig Monts Published on 17.06.2011 16:33:08 (updated on 17.06.2011) Reading time: 6 minutes is the official English-speaking partner for this year´s Rock For People Festival. The line-up for this year´s fest speaks for itself, a rock quality line-up from around the world. Huge names like The Streets, Kate Nash and SUM 41 playing alongside Czech & Slovak acts like Pipes & Pints and From Our Hands. This mix of rock & rollers makes Rock for People a truly unique and enjoyable experience. One that should not be missed!

But you´d be mistaken in thinking that it´s all about the music. The food on offer at the festival is wide and varied. Last year I enjoyed a wide range of munch from around the globe: Middle-Eastern, Italian, Classic Czech & Chinese, to name a few. The food at the festival was well-priced and of good quality. I have been to a few festivals over the years and RFP has been one of the only ones I´ve visited that has such a wide selection and fair price with great quality.

On the drink side there´s a plethora of liquid refreshments to quench your rock thirst. Beer (Staropramen & a selection of Belgian beers) and stronger spirits are provided for the those wanting alcoholic refreshments. For the non-drinkers: fresh fruit juices, crushed ice drinks (with a huge selection of flavoured syrups). It gets pretty hot during the midday periods, so to help you out the RFP staff have provided a special booth providing water for 20 CZK per 1.5 liters (bring your own bottle). Another considerate touch! Drinking water is also available in the washrooms.

It´s also important to remember the vital and useful festival essential bits. Don´t forget to bring valid ID with you as you never know when and where it will be needed! Also, bring any medication that you might need over the 3 days. The Rock for People site (Festival Park) is a huge grassy area which might cause problems for those prone to hay fever.

During the night the temperature can drop pretty low, so bring a few pieces of warm clothing & warm bedding for your tent if you intend on camping. There´s a lake opposite the festival site which is a godsend during the hot periods of the day. I would advise finding a nice, cool, secluded spot to take a dip in the lake or lay on the imported sandy areas. If you make this short trip then don´t forget to pack the all important mosquito repellent.

For futher information about this year’s fest, we spoke to Michal Thomes from Ameba:

What food options will be on offer this year?

The level and range of food on offer is rising every year. This year we plan several major innovations. First of all: our main partner, Staropramen Breweries, offers a Rock for People portfolio of eight beer types including premium Hoegaarden or new Cool Lemon. The technology masters and brewers will oversee to quality, temperature and strength of the draft beer on more than 130 beer taps.  We are expanding the space for seating and dining options in the cultural areas, with beer available on tap straight to the glass. We are establishing a 24-hour zone with grocery stores and will also sell fresh bread, coffee and tea in the campsite. In the camp people will be also be able to order a rich, English-style breakfast. At your disposal in more than 80 stalls will be calorific bombs (steaks, sausages, traditional Czech cuisine) as well as international and ‘rational´ food including fish, Mexican and Asian delicacies. RfP will celebrate 20 years of activity with Greenpeace in their ‘Green City´ which will cater for vegans and vegetarians. I guarantee that you will suffer no shortage of food and drink

What about the water?

Drinking water is distributed throughout the area and is available in the washrooms. Like last year we will sell cheap spring water in 1.5 liter bottles for 20 crowns. This year, at the Festival park, we finished a new distribution network which has greatly improved the water supply throughout the area and the campsite. Of course, there will also be plenty of soft drinks available, including non alcoholic beer for drivers. We only hope that more water doesn´t arrive from the skies!

What non-musical activities will be on offer at the festival site?

The divide will be a controlled and spontaneous. The first group includes many games and sports activities such as T-zone, table soccer, various ball games, and innovative technological simulators. The imaginatively decorated and extremely entertaining tent of the Czech Technical University is a little special. A three-day theatre program with a range of alternative and non-verbal sets, a puppet theatre, a nicely prepared chill out zone, a reading room or Dinner in the Sky with the opportunity to view the entire area from above are among the activities we have on offer. The spontaneous activities will include jam sessions on the runway, lots of lectures, presentations and concerts in the Greenpeace city, the morning show with the musicians in the area in the campsite, and much more.

Do you have any tips for first time visitors/campers at RfP?

Definitely! The Festival park and campsite offer everything you can possibly need during the four summer days of the festival. The festival is not only conceived as a musical show, but as an event where you can still discover something different or in a pleasant atmosphere meet new people and enjoy new experiences. The main program will take place on five stages and we will try to organize it so that it overlaps with the related genres.

No risk, no stress, on the contrary. The Festival park comfortably accommodates the 35000 visitors and the campsite up to twenty thousand inhabitants. Our biggest test was for last year´s performance by MUSE, which took into account more than 25,000 people. The arrival, the concert and the departure we managed without any wobbles. This year our main recommendation would be……COME EARLY!

The festival officially begins on Sunday July 3, but because we expect an even greater strain than last year, the campsite will be open from Friday July 1. From Saturday July 2, the Festival park will be going full blast outside the two main stages. I believe that in addition to a quality line-up we offer quality western service at great Czech prices. Perhaps because of this, Rock for People expects 4-5 thousand visitors from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Germany. Even if you’re not enjoying it at Rock for People, Hradec Králové is a beautiful city with fantastic architecture, art by world-renowned artists John Kotera and Josef Gočár, a stylish swimming pool, and quality galleries. For those who come by car, you can spend the morning before the concert visiting nearby sights or hiking in the mountains.

Any other helpful information on the festival or surrounding areas?

Whether you are travelling by bike, car, bus, or train, we will take care of you. The Festival park is well marked and arranged for everyone, and the security guards (which this year will be about 250) work as partners and sources of visitor information. With the help of the good people from there will be Festival newspaper reports in English. English will be spoken by everyone in our information centers. Anything you forget at home you will find here with us.  Minimalist life only requires an admission ticket and a credit card! You can live in the furnished tents in Kempingski or the Nescafe Hotel Camp. Even though we expect the weather to be like the previous two years, beautiful and sunny, (around Rock for People are ponds and lakes for swimming!), we are prepared for rainy days.

So, catch some sun for a few days whilst soaring into the heights of world music at Rock for People 2011!

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