VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Take a stroll through a snow-covered Prague

Prague will not see a white Christmas this year, but you can take a festive trip through the Czech capital from just a few days ago in 4K resolution. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 23.12.2022 14:04:00 (updated on 24.12.2022) Reading time: 1 minute

Prague won't see a white Christmas this year due to a not-so-festive warm front that has moved over central Europe in recent days, but those yearning to experience a snow-covered Czech capital can take a nostalgic trip through the city from just a few days ago.

YouTube channel Moody Walks has preserved scenes of a snow-covered Prague from over the past week through a series of high-resolution videos that capture the city in all of its snow-covered glory.

The lengthy videos capture leisurely early-morning strolls throughout the Czech capital, as snow plows clear pedestrian areas of Old Town Square and before crowds of tourists turn the white flakes into a muddy slush.

In addition to Old Town Square and the surrounding area, Moody Walks has also posted videos documenting walks across Charles Bridge and into Malá Strana, and even through a frozen Vinohrady neighborhood.

Additional videos showcase night tours through the tourist crowds at Prague's much-loved Christmas markets at Old Town and Wenceslas Squares.

Temperatures in Prague are forecast rise to the lower double-digits Celsius this Christmas weekend, and throughout much of the Czech capital the snow that covered the city last weekend has already melted.

Unseasonably high temperatures remain in the forecast for the week between Christmas and New Year's before dropping back down in early January.

Due to the rising temperatures, a flood alert is currently in effect in some areas of the Czech Republic, particularly in southern and western Bohemia. Rainfall and melting snow are expected to lead to a rise in the water levels of streams and rivers, which could potentially overflow.

For additional weather alerts and more information throughout the holidays, consult the website of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.

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