The Italians: A slow-food heaven in Smíchov is marketplace, venue, and eatery in one

The Italians, known for its selection of ham, cheese, pasta, wine, and other 'mercato' essentials is also the perfect place to host a celebration. Staff

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What started as a small Italian specialty food shop in Průhonice in 2007 has since become the successful network The Italians with popular locations in Smíchov and Dejvice that maintain a loyal following of Italophiles to this day.

What visitors may not know is that The Italians also offer a range of services and surprises including multipurpose spaces to host celebrations and team buildings, as well as world-class gift baskets ideal for giving during the upcoming holiday season.

Four unique spaces in one historic location

The widest selection of ham, cheese, pasta, wine, and other Italian essentials can be found in the Smíchov branch which opened in a former industrial building in 2010. Next to the store visitors can also find a stunning glass-ceilinged restaurant, filled with tables with long communal benches and a lively Italian ambience and four unique multi-functional spaces which can be reserved for celebrations.

Konírna (The Stable), which used to be stables for horses and today boasts a number of enticing elements, including an original Tuscan grill by Paolo Parisi, an open kitchen, and solid wooden tables and benches. Reserve this stunning space for hosting company parties or wedding receptions.

The light-filled, airy cafe with its front garden surrounded by greenery is perfect for smaller celebrations or training sessions. The quiet, intimate wine shop with its quirky ceiling made of corks is ideal for hosting tastings or meetings. The pleasant and luminous winter garden, with its beautiful brick wall and floral elements suspended from the ceiling, is perfect for a family celebration or a working lunch.

Regional specialties from throughout Italy

While most visitors fall in love with The Italian’s interior decor at first sight, the food itself beckons people to come back over and over again. Shop for a wide selection of hams, salami, olives, and especially cheeses.

Besides the iconic varieties such as Parmigiano Reggiano, mozzarella, and gorgonzola you can also find aromatic cheeses from mountain milk. These are produced only during the summer months when the herds are driven to the alpine pastures. By grazing in the meadows, animals help maintain the character of the landscape and contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

The cheesemakers also keep alive the ancient practice of seasonal migration of herds, called transumanza, which has even made it onto UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list.

The variety of cheeses available from the The Italians include Castelmagno DOP, the king of Piedmontese cheeses, with a crumbly texture and a distinct taste that becomes spicier as it matures, Toma Piemontese DOP, one of the most popular cheeses from Piedmont aged for two months, with notes bread, butter, and yogurt, as well as Fontina, Bettelmatt, and Vezzena di Lavarone.

Food craftsmanship, a lifestyle inherited from Italy

The wide array of honest foods that fill customer’s baskets and plates, are the result of daily hard work, unceasing enthusiasm, love and respect for nature, responsibility for the past, and courage to experiment. The craftsmen behind the food are not only producers, but also growers or breeders. Most of them keep their herds free and drive them to high-quality pastures.

This makes their cheeses, hams, and other products much healthier and more nutritious; and a perfect pairing with the heavenly bread, crispy on the outside, pillowy within, that comes straight from The Italians in-house bakery ovens.

Whether you sit down and enjoy the talents of an Italian chef or take advantage of the  stunning multifunctional spaces, The Italian’s authentic flavors, superior gastronomy, great service, and lighthearted Mediterranean spirit make for an unforgettable experience.

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