The 15 Cheesiest Karel Gott Music Videos

The Czech Frank Sinatra sings, dances, and gets all dressed up in these incredibly cheesy vids

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 14.08.2014 15:50:59 (updated on 14.08.2014) Reading time: 3 minutes

The “Czech Frank Sinatra” is undoubtedly the Czech Republic’s most famous crooner, slinging five decades of Schlager while racking up 38 Český slavík awards at home and achieving a level of (limited) acclaim internationally. 

But with that blinding smile, those unblinking eyes, and his trademark freestyle dance moves, he’s also responsible for the hilarious, howlingly awful videos below, which top even smažený sýr or nakládaný hermelín as the Czech Republic’s cheesiest offering. 

Note: I’m only looking for official Gott music videos in this collection, no concert footage; that list could grow infinitely.

Without any delay – in ascending order of cheese: 

15. Záhadnou lásku mám (I Have a Mysterious Love)

Gott’s silhouette at the beginning of this video is a thing of beauty, but wait till you get to oversized bowtie and those trademark dance moves. 

14. Teď růži k Vám jdu krást (Now I Will Steal You a Rose)

The nod, the wink, the smile, the flower bouquet and the silhouette pose in front the clouds. This one’s Gott it all.  

13. Jsi krásná (You’re Beautiful)

It’s all just Gott and flowers. They are beautiful together. 

12. Oči barvy holubí (Pigeon-colored Eyes)

Gott paints a lovely, lovely portrait of a woman in this cover of Brian Hyland’s Sealed with a Kiss – only to destroy it after he signs his name! Shame.

11. Zůstaň stat (Stand Still)

Film noir, Gott-style, with Karel in a long trenchcoat walking down some back alleys and then… a grotty lakefront beach? Why not. 

10. Chceš dál v mém stínu stát (You Want to Stand in My Shadow)

After he finishes his sandwich, Gott plays piano on an ocean of trashbags. Watch for mystery hands caressing Karel’s face! 

9. Bum Bum Bum

Er, that’s “Boom Boom Boom”. Gott, cannons, and simple lyrics (Bum bum bum, hey hey hey). What more do you need? Oh, and Gott in military dress. A must. 

8. Lady Karneval

One of Gott’s most beloved songs, while this video for Lady Karneval screams 1960s, it isn’t particularly cheesy – until Gott starts a shimmerin’ and a shakin’.

7. Amen

Gott, dressed up as a priest with a giant gold cross, blesses us all. Amen!

6. Žít (To Live)

Gott apocalypse.

5. Věčný laik (Forever a layman)

When professor Gott strips off his lab coat to reveal a red leather blazer, I almost lost it. The lustful looks from his jailbait students later on pushed me over the edge. Just wait for the karate chop attacks as the girls fend off the boys so they can swoon over Karel. 

4. Když muž se ženou snídá (When a Man Has Breakfast with a Woman)

“When a Man Has Breakfast with a Woman” Yes! Indeed, Gott has breakfast with a woman in this video, shot at Prague’s Cafe Savoy.

3. Kávu si osladím (Coffee with Sugar)

An enduring classic. “Coffee with Sugar” gives you the most Gott for your koruna, with multiple mirrored Gotts crooning and waving away (love that wave… love it.) When Gott is not fully onscreen, his face is superimposed on a flower bouquet. 

2. Zdvořilý Woody (Courteous Woody)

Cowboy Gott! The young, ultra-thin Karel looks about as comfortable in his Western getup in this clip for “Courteous Woody” as Don Knotts in The Shakiest Gun in the West. But the cows seem to be happy to have him around. Stay tuned for some classic reverse-forward-reverse bovine action. 

1. Trezor (Safe)

But nothing tops the Gott cheese in this minute-long clip for Trezor, required viewing for all. The definitive Gott dance routine, guaranteed to impress, is best practiced at home before busting out on the dance floor.

Not Gott enough? Here are 15 more videos that didn’t make the cut: 


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