T-Mobile joins O2 in offering unlimited mobile data during the coronavirus crisis

Two of the three main mobile operators in the Czech Republic are offering customers unlimited data during the emergency situation

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 16.03.2020 17:59:08 (updated on 16.03.2020) Reading time: 3 minutes

Mobile operator T-Mobile is joining O2 in offering unlimited during the coronavirus emergency. This will help people who now have to work from home as well as those who need to communicate with other people.

Vodafone is the only major operator not offering unlimited data to domestic customers. All three carriers have added channels, at least temporarily, to their TV packages.

T-Mobile’s unlimited data starts March 18. “Customers with a contract can use unlimited mobile data. The offer can be easily activated in the Můj T-Mobile application. It can also be used by business customers who do not enjoy the benefits of a framework contract or a major customer contract,” T-Mobile said in a press release. The offer is effective until April 30.

The offer also applies to Czech citizens currently residing in other EU countries so they can be in contact with their family and loved ones.

Twist customers, who pay as they go, can get a 50% cashless recharge bonus through the same app or T-Mobile website.

“We are fully aware of the seriousness of the current situation and want to help our customers meet their current personal and professional needs. With unlimited data, they can stay connected with their loved ones, schools or workplaces as well as stay informed about current events,” Juraj Bóna, managing Director of T-Mobile Czech Republic, said.

T-Mobile is also offering unlimited data to state institutions and companies with framework contracts.

Additional channels such as BBC Earth and Premier Sport have been temporarily added to the TV package.

A similar announcement about unlimited data was made by O2, and is valid from March 16 to the end of April. O2’s offer dies not apply to corporate customers with a framework contract.


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Customers who have O2 mobile voice tariffs with data, including those in O2 Spolu’s special bundles, will be able to use data even after the basic volume included in a monthly fee has been used up. They can use unlimited data thanks to the NEO package, which they can activate in the online Moje O2 store.

Likewise, O2 is offering a discounted TV package for a symbolic fee of 1 CZK. “We believe that our help will make it easier for customers who cannot spend their time at work or school, and need to stay in touch with their loved ones, classmates and colleagues. We also decided to make the best of our O2 TV available. To give people a chance to relax with quality films and programs, for a symbolic 1 CZK we will give them premium film, children’s, sports and documentary channels such as HBO, National Geographic and much more,” O2 CEO Jindřich Fremuth said when the measures were announced.

O2 will release unlimited data with a maximum speed of 5 MB/s, and T-Mobile will not limit the speed according to their press departments.

Vodafone has not yet announced any data measures for customers in the Czech Republic, but it is not charging customers who remain quarantined in Italy for calls, messages or data transfers to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The users must be connected to Vodafone Italy, Italy Telecom or Italy WIND. If they are connected to another network they must change it, and also check other technical details on Android or iOS devices.

Vodafone, however, is offering an enhanced channel offer for UPC TV, until April 11. It includes NickToons, Nick jr., Nickelodeon, Minimax, JimJam, Disney, Duck and Cartoon Network, Filmbox, and sports and documentary channels

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