Singin’ in the Prague Metro

Because we’re happy: Prague music festivals are turning the city’s subway trains into impromptu concert halls this June

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 02.06.2016 12:37:35 (updated on 02.06.2016) Reading time: 1 minute

Don’t be surprised to hear Prague metro riders break out into song if you happen to catch a ride during one of the next few weekends in June.

In fact, come join in on the chorus.

Prague Metronome Festival and United Islands of Prague are bringing live music into the city’s metro this June, and the results are joyous.

Here are Prague metro riders joining in on Pharrell Williams’ Happy led by the Maranatha Gospel Choir on Monday:

Following the success of Monday’s impromptu gig, DPP has agreed to let the festivals use the metro for further events in the coming weeks. 

On Sunday, June 5, at 19:00 Prague Film Orchestra will continue the festivities by turning the middle wagon of Line A into a “concert hall and spacecraft” for a unique gig that celebrates music from popular sci-fi films. 

And over the next two Sundays following that concert (from 19:00 – 22:00), the festivals are inviting all local musicians who want to join in on the fun to come along for the ride

It’s all in anticipation for the weekend June 25 & 26, when the ever-popular United Islands of Prague is joined by the first-ever edition of Prague Metronome Festival for what should be the biggest music fest weekend the Czech capital has ever seen. 

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