Rock for People 2012 Wrap-up

We look back at this year's festival & two huge storms

Craig Monts

Written by Craig Monts Published on 10.07.2012 17:25:44 (updated on 10.07.2012) Reading time: 3 minutes

There’s definitely no accounting for bad weather. Being of British descent, I have spent years and years learning that lesson the hard way. Two huge storms hit the Rock for People festival site on Thursday evening, resulting in shows being cut short or, unfortunately, cancelled. The following day, 150km/h winds whipped through Festival Park, wreaking havoc and resulting in the festival site being evacuated for 70 minutes; further performances were delayed or cancelled. Security staff at the festival did an amazing job of clearing and eventually evacuating the area to protect RFP visitors from harm. The RFP team have estimated damage in the millions of CZK, but were quick to thank both the staff and visitors for their understanding and cooperation during the difficult time.

Rock for People 2012 Wrap-up

Despite the freak weather conditions, Rock for People 2012 was a great event with fantastic performances.  Musical highlights for me over the 3 days would have to be the energetic (and slightly shortened) show from The Kooks. 

Brighton’s four-piece belted out their hits with enthusiasm and class, taking the time to thank the audience politely for the rapturous applause and cheers. I have to admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of their music prior to their performance, but would happily consider myself and convert after viewing their show. 

Other highlights included the fresh-faced, pop-songstress Selah Sue. I got the opportunity to interview Selah ahead her RFP performance, and was intrigued by how passionately she talked about performing live. Her show was an impressive vocal display packed full of covers and original material taken from her self-titled album.

Rock for People 2012 Wrap-up

Aside from the music, Rock for People provided many actives and performances for visitors to enjoy. As dusk fell over Festival Park on Thursday evening, I caught an electrifying performance from The Lords of Lighting. The duo harnessed 4 million volts of electricity, providing an amazing spectacle as their blots of lighting illuminated the early-evening skyline.

Rock for People 2012 Wrap-up

Workshops in all manner of performance art were also available for rockers, offering all in attendance an opportunity to perhaps unlock a hidden talent or skill. Food was another non-musical indulgence over my few days at Rock for People. A wide selection of fair-priced quality food at my finger tips meant that eating was a constant temptation! A plethora of meals and snacks from around the world to satisfy the hungriest rocker!

Rock for People 2012 Wrap-up

2012 was a testing year for the RFP team, with the elements turning against them, unexpectedly throwing a curveball and severely disrupting events. The mainstream media did a pretty good job of sensationalizing the events taking place on-site, often implying inadequacies on the part of RFP staff & organisers. But I have to say that all staff I encountered were helpful and efficient. Information from the RFP HQ was quickly published through the festival’s social media outlets, and of course the official website. A great few days of music and activities that was only marred by the storms. Let’s pray for blue skies in 2013!


Special thanks to our partners who provided competition prizes – Grund Resort, Member of Asten Hotels & Fource Entertainment

Images by Paul Pacey

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