Revealed: The most popular baby names in the Czech Republic

The usual suspects retained their dominance at the top of the rankings, but some new additions – including international picks – have entered the running. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 26.10.2023 17:02:00 (updated on 26.10.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

The most popular baby names in Czechia are Jakub and Eliška, according to the Czech Statistical Office’s report for newborns in 2022. Both names retain their top spot from previous years.

Traditional names still on top

Jakub has maintained its dominance as the most favored boys' name since 2011, dethroning the previously favorite Jan, who has consistently held second place in the last decade. Remarkably, Jan has remained among the top 10 most frequent boys' names every year since 1950.

CZECHIA's top-10 most popular baby names in 2022 (Male/female)

  • 1.Jakub/Eliška
  • 2.Jan/Viktorie
  • 3.Matyáš/Anna
  • 4.Adam/Sofie
  • 5.Tomáš/Natálie
  • 6.Matěj/Tereza
  • 7.Filip/Adéla
  • 8.Vojtěch/Ema
  • 9.Dominik/Amálie
  • 10.David/Nela

On the girls' side, Eliška retained the leading position which it secured in 2012 (when the name unseated Tereza as the most popular). Viktorie has the second spot in this year’s ranking and has consistently appeared in the top ten since 2014, while Anna, a longstanding favorite in past decades, ranked third.

Jakub claimed the top spot as the most popular name in all regions, apart from Hradec Králové, where Matyáš took the lead. Among girls, Eliška emerged as the dominant choice in 11 regions, whereas Anna secured the first position in both Prague and the Pilsen region.

Family practice and more alternative names

The statistics underscored the significance of family tradition in naming, revealing that fathers tend to pass their first names to their sons more often than mothers do to their daughters. In the past year, for instance, over 30 percent of men named Antonín named their sons the same. Václav and Jindřich followed suit, with roughly a quarter of Czech dads choosing these names for their sons.

The report also noted the emerging popularity of more obscure baby names, such as Ašot, Bruce, Frank, or Fred for boys and Alba, Amira, Astrida, or Celestýna for girls. The share of multi-national names for boys is also on the rise, including Duy Anh for boys and Anna-Marie for girls.

The Czech Republic's increasingly multicultural landscape contributes to children's names, with the number of non-traditional choices rising in recent years. In 2022, there were nearly 80 different names for every 1,000 girls and about 70 names for every 1,000 boys.

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