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Written by Staff Published on 23.06.2008 05:42:08 (updated on 23.06.2008) Reading time: 4 minutes

Written by Jacy Meyer

Looking for a job in Prague?

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Looking to start or further your career in Prague? Depending on what your skills are and where your interests lay, it´s possible to find a good job with an interesting company. Admittedly, it may not be as easy as finding an employer in your home country, but there are resources out there to help you.

If you have a university degree and business experience you may want to contact a personnel agency. There are a variety of them in town, and many specialize in hiring international employees. Knowing Czech is often not a requirement, but the ability to speak another European language besides English will greatly increase your chances of finding a position.

Kelly Services/Talents ( is a friendly company that focuses on recruiting employees in the IT, pharmaceutical, finance and banking, and manufacturing sectors. Valerie Štěrbová is a consultant and project manager with Kelly. She says her company is looking for customer service, business administration and collections employees; people who can speak directly with clients, many who are native English speakers. If you have previous experience in areas in which they are hiring you have an in; Štěrbová says there´s a gap in the market for management and other positions that require experience.

If you are multi-lingual, Horizons Language Jobs ( may be a place to check out. They recruit for a variety of fields including HR, sales, finance and accounting and customer service. While English is important, they are also looking for speakers of German, Dutch, French, Swedish, and of course, Czech. They do warn that most positions will require valid EU working permission. Available jobs are heavy in the accountancy area so if you are a bean-counter Horizons may be for you.

Zeebra ( allows for a job search from the comfort of your couch – register with them, and they´ll email job offers that match your skills and expertise. They have a variety of categories – but seem to be really looking for IT people, especially with computer programming experience. Nearly all their jobs require knowledge of a variety of computer systems. Future Recruitment ( focuses on the automotive, marketing and HR fields.

Dunross Recruitment ( is looking for workers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland as well as people from these countries interested in working in the UK. They specialize in finding employees for international companies as well as for newly relocated companies looking for an experienced staff, quick. All skill levels are needed; from receptionists to senior managers. Grafton Recruitment ( offers permanent, temporary and part-time positions. Their fields of focus include sales, finance, IT, engineering and hospitality. Contacting them directly is probably the best bet if you are a non-Czech speaker; the majority of their online job listings are in Czech. Another company whose job listings are in Czech is Morgan & Morgan ( When the company first started, they only recruited in the advertising and media fields. They have since expanded to sales, finance and IT, but may be a good agency to visit if you have knowledge of the advertising industry.

If you do have experience in a certain field try and find an agency that specializes in the industry. CEE-Legal ( operates with SOURCE Executive Recruitment and handles all their legal and finance clients. People with experience in the travel trade would do well to look into Team Trackers ( They specialize in the airline and travel industries and many of their positions center on the customer service industry.

If you are a business bigwig you may want to investigate an executive search company. Most executive search companies only take on clients with a minimum of middle to top level management experience. Hays ( is a global company with offices in Prague. They headhunt for a variety of industries including banking, construction, logistics, HR and sales. Their global connections mean they have a lot of multi-national companies as clients. Anderson Willinger ( takes a personal approach to both the client companies and client individuals. They specialize in the Central and Eastern European region. HR Partners ( also focuses on a variety of Central/Eastern European countries and specialize in senior management positions. Bubenik Partners ( is a member of IMD International Executive Search and specializes in financial services, advanced technology and industrial clients.

Most recruitment agencies will provide assistance with preparing your CV. Ask a variety of questions and be honest about your skills and your legal ability to work (or not) in the Czech Republic. What about work permits? If you are an EU national you will usually increase your chances of landing a job. Štěrbová says it is always better to have a work permit as there are some clients who don´t want to hire people without work permits.

Final tips from Štěrbová? Send a well-done, interesting, short CV. In an interview, be prepared and present yourself well. Good luck and happy hunting!

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