New Attraction Offers a Smashing Good Time

Release your pent-up frustrations by taking a hammer to old TVs and computers at the Anger Room in Brno

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 02.01.2017 15:14:18 (updated on 02.01.2017) Reading time: 1 minute

Remember the scene from the 1999 film Office Space where a group of co-workers gleefully destroy a printer with a baseball bat? If you’ve ever dreamt of unleashing your pent-up fury—without resorting to office theft—a newly opened Brno attraction may be for you.

Open since December, the Anger Room lets the frustrated, furious, and just plain pissed demolish televisions, microwaves, and furniture using sledgehammers, crowbars and, yes, a good old-fashioned Wilson.

The business was started by a group of three young friends who had experienced a similar concept abroad. They describe their venture as “a new generation anti-stress center, that makes you…discharge stress, anger, and negative energy.”

Visitors, who are asked to sport protective hard hats, overalls, and safety glasses, can choose the music they wish to vent to. Prices range from 490 CZK (I Need a Break) to 1490 CZK (Total Demolition).

Those who live in Brno and the surrounding areas can also put the Anger Room to use as a convenient bulk recycling center; management make the rounds picking up unwanted appliances and kitchenware every Sunday evening or by appointment.

According to the site: “We take very good care to dispose of everything as ecologically as possible. We sort out all scraps according to materials and take them away to special places for professional and special recycling.”

The Anger Room also accepts drop off of “easily-smashed“ mirrors, televisions, monitors, printers, small electronics, radios, cassette recorders, and small furniture.

A win-win for those who could use a little less junk, of both the psychological and household variety, in the New Year.

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