New book maps Czechia's best brunches: Where to go in Prague this weekend?

A new compendium of brunches across the country was compiled during a six-month journey of three-times-daily breakfasts.

Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas

Written by Elizabeth Zahradnicek-Haas Published on 14.06.2024 16:00:00 (updated on 15.06.2024) Reading time: 3 minutes

Actor and gourmand Lukáš Hejlík may be best known to international audiences for documentary series Czech It Out!, in which he and his daughter cruise the country, discovering architectural wonders, cool places to stay, and Czech cuisine at every turn.

Local audiences know Hejlík best as an author, food blogger, and founder of the Gastromapa, a hugely successful and helpful tool launched in 2013 that navigates users to the best places to dine around the Czech Republic. Hejlík's latest endeavor is a veritable brunch bible researched across 84 eggs Benedict, 62 omelets, and half a year, to determine the country’s best spots for breakfast, brunch, and coffee.

"The last six months have been a bit of a yolk and cholesterol race for me. But the book has all the regions because of that...I looked into everything I could, and I believe the book will be a great helper on my travels,” Hejlík said at the book release event, adding that he typically ate breakfast three times a day while writing the book.

A voracious appetite for the morning meal is keenly reflected in 400 Snídaně Brunch Kafe which features recommendations for brunch in over 400 spots across a dozen different Czech cities. While the book is in Czech, non-Czech speakers fear not: the delectable photos and minimal text (and Google Translate) are all you need to plan your best brunch in Prague and throughout Czechia.

With the weekend ahead, we've excerpted some of Hejlík's favorites places to tuck into avocado toast, Turkish eggs, pancakes, English breakfast, and other early afternoon (or mid-morning) delights. However, the list is by no means comprehensive. The brunch book's Prague chapter features 70 cafés spread across multiple districts.

Bistro Karel

Located on the grounds of Troja Castle, the newly opened Bistro Karel offers "fun brunches, shared dinners, coffee, natural wines, and, above all, an exceptional garden where the sun warms you in the summer and the fire keeps you toasty in the winter." Recommended: Poached eggs in yogurt, baked pumpkin, chili crunch, basil oil, homemade focaccia, and scrambled eggs with fermented vegetables.


"Gabriela and Petr from PG Foodies and Zuzka and Jan from Taste of Prague are behind this beautiful miniature bistro in Dejvice. They do breakfast, brunch, and a few lunch dishes. Šodo has its own mini bakery, coffee, and natural wine." Recommended: Eggs in a glass with spicy Nduja sausage and Comté cheese, breakfast šodo, buns with šodo [šodo is a traditional Czech custard sauce.]

Bistro Monk 2.0

The new MONK location builds on the success of the concept on Michalská Street. After two years of reconstruction, it’s now open with Kuba Čadina in the kitchen. “Even more comfort food has been added to a menu of imaginative breakfasts and homemade bread.” Recommended: Eggs Benedict carbonara, MONK McMuffin, buttermilk pancakes with blueberry sauce.

Alma Café

You can create your own breakfast at Old Town’s Alma Café, from sausages and soft-boiled eggs to homemade spreads all day. Sandwiches and pastries from the sister bistro, KRO, are featured on the menu. “This place is great for a morning start, takeaway, or an all-day hangout,” says Hejlík. Recommended: DIY breakfast, Turkish eggs, almond KROissant.



This bistro in the center of Prague offers breakfast and light meals until late afternoon, as well as coffee and something sweet. "From the corner of Jungmannová and Charvátová streets, you can smell porridge and baked granola, which can be eaten on the premises with luscious seasonal fruit or taken home." Recommended: Yogurt, granola, fruit, omelet, cheddar toast, salads, topinka (Czech-style fried bread), or fruit porridge with cinnamon and brown butter.


Your choice of coffee to be ground, fragrant pastries from Gram bakery, and a bistro with modern European cuisine without unnecessary frills. “Also a perfect experience with the entire space filled with flowers, paintings, and guests." Recommended: Full English breakfast, steak sandwich with pepper sauce arugula, vinegar potato chips, and tarragon mayonnaise, or creme fraiche with maple syrup, freeze-dried fruit, and mint.

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