Café review: JP Caffee

New, non-smoking café on Senovážné náměstí - Prague 1

Sarah Lambersky

Written by Sarah Lambersky Published on 08.11.2012 15:08:06 (updated on 08.11.2012) Reading time: 2 minutes


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In Prague, I prefer to ride the tram instead of taking the metro. That way, you increase your chances of discovering new businesses that have opened in the city. On a recent tram ride, I noticed a new café on Senovážné náměstí between tram stops Masarykovo nádraží and Jindřišská and decided to test it out. JP Caffee is a new, non-smoking café catering to the 9 to 5 crowd in the neighbourhood. The café’s interior is simple and bright, with white vaulted ceilings, a handful of black and white posters and seating for approximately 10 people. 

The cafe’s hot beverage selection revolves around Julius Meinl, a Viennese coffee brand that has been in business for 150 years. The coffees are all espresso-based, so if you’re looking for a cup of filter coffee, consider looking elsewhere. In addition to offering Julius Meinl branded coffee and tea, the café also serves beer, wine and soft drinks, as well as a selection of cakes.

I arrived an hour before closing to a rather sparse-looking dessert display case, but managed to secure a slice of mixed berry cake and a chocolate cinnamon cream dessert. The berry cake was dense, moist, and sugary, with its bright pink icing and fruit soaked middle. The flavour of the chocolate cinnamon dessert reminded me of the North American breakfast cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but found it disappointing due to its hardened cream centre. I am a bit suspicious whether the cakes were in fact homemade, but the server assured me they were.
For those of you in search of gluten-free options, it might be interesting to note that JP Caffee scribbled gluten-free on the front of its window; however it was not clear whether all the pastries were gluten-free, or whether they carried gluten-free options. 

In true Viennese fashion, my tea and coffee were served on a silver platter, and the espresso was accompanied by a glass of water and milk. Overall, JP Caffee guaranteed a pleasant environment for a late afternoon repose, but I would not go out of my way to return. This is the type of place to visit if you were in the neighbourhood and looking for a convenient, non-smoking option. 

JP Caffee
Senovážné nám. 6, Praha 1

WiFi: No
Smoking: No
Brand of Coffee: Julius Meinl
Serves Food:Cakes

Atmosphere: Relaxed, quiet, clean, bright
Value: Good
Overall: I would return if I was in the neighbourhood
Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 – 17:00

Café review: JP Caffee

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