Want to go on a ‘workation’ from Prague? Then this job might be for you

A holiday rental provider with offices in the Czech capital is on the lookout for employees with language talent.

William Nattrass

Written by William Nattrass Published on 19.01.2023 17:00:00 (updated on 17.01.2023) Reading time: 4 minutes

Holiday rentals can be unbeatable as a way to really get to know a destination. For the duration of your trip, your holiday home becomes a safe haven and a base for your adventures.

Like the travel industry as a whole, holiday rentals have changed significantly in the digital age. Booking a house or apartment is easier than ever, with dedicated platforms able to instantly suggest hundreds of properties for the ideal getaway in your chosen destination.

One such platform is Interhome. The company was founded in Switzerland back in 1965, and now offers almost 35,000 houses and apartments across 27 countries.

Many of the destinations offered are within the EU, but the platform also offers rentals further afield. Employees at Interhome get a unique opportunity to experience a world of travel as part of their work, while forging lasting friendships at the company’s Prague Customer Experience Center.

Learning by doing

Interhome runs various opportunities giving employees the chance to combine their day-to-day work with travel opportunities offered by the company. One type of opportunity is called “learning by doing.” Employees visit a destination for a week, working together with the local team to fully understand the jobs undertaken by on-site colleagues.

“They see the other side of the business, with colleagues taking care of the owners and guests on the spot,” says Jana Šnajdrová, Country Director at Interhome Czech Republic. “This allows them to provide a more personal touch in communication with customers.”

When they return from their trip, employees prepare a presentation for their colleagues in Prague about what they learned. The trips are busy, fun-filled work experiences in which employees learn more about Interhome’s network.

Study trips

Interhome also runs study trips for employees, sending a group of people to experience destinations to the full. Participants stay for several days, visiting different regions and local offices, in an effort to fully absorb the local culture and atmosphere.

“They really experience what our clients can do in these destinations,” said Šnajdrová. “This helps them when providing recommendations. They become ‘experts’ in that region, and when they come back to Prague, they pass this knowledge on to their colleagues.”

“The program is tight; they experience activity after activity! But it’s different from a business trip, when you have training throughout the day. They do all sorts of activities to understand the region; it could be paragliding, or other exciting activities depending on whether it’s a seaside location, a skiing location, or something else.”

Knowledge of Interhome’s destinations is also boosted by “destination presentations,” in which colleagues from local offices visit the Prague center to deliver a talk on their region and share suggestions for coordinating even better travel experiences.

‘Workation’ benefit

A new benefit introduced by Interhome amid the switch to more flexible working habits, “workations” are an exciting way for employees to make the most of life in the travel industry.

“We choose a property from our portfolio where people can work; the accommodation is paid for by the company, and all employees have to do is get there and cover their own expenses,” says Šnajdrová.

Workations are open for all employees, with places allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Last time, a holiday villa in Cyprus was chosen, while Interhome’s current workation has been held in a Swiss chalet. Accommodation is usually booked out of high season, giving employees a chance to meet their colleagues from other countries.

Interhome employees can spend one week per year working from shared holiday accommodation, while they can work from abroad for a total of 30 days per year. Topping off the list of travel-based benefits is a significant discount on Interhome holiday rentals for company employees.

Friendly working environment

Travel-based learning opportunities are part of a friendly working environment at Interhome. The good atmosphere and flexible working conditions mean employees are choosing to come back to the company’s new Florenc center in central Prague, in contrast to other companies struggling to get employees back to the office.

“We’re friends in the office,” says Šnajdrová. “There is a lot of respect between us, and although the team is growing, we have a very healthy family environment. People tend to stay with us for a long time, so we really get to know each other.”

The company organizes staff events and parties to foster a sociable environment. Summer and winter “goodies” are handed out each week of the season, from ice cream to traditional Czech pastries and healthy ginger shots. An emphasis on sustainability is also key, with employees using the train instead of flying for meetings abroad when possible, while running a “save the bees” project and organizing environment-cleaning events in destination countries.

Interhome is looking for people of all ages and skill sets to join the company’s Prague Customer Experience Center. Language skills are desirable, with the company looking for ability of at least B2, or preferably C1.

This potentially puts expats in a strong position to join the company’s friendly workplace, while enjoying industry-leading benefits and international travel experiences.

This article was written in cooperation with Interhome Group. Read more about our partner content policies here.

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