How to work for Veeam: answer these 4 questions and land an interview

Looking for a job in Prague? Answer these logic questions to get into Veeam's Quality Assurance department

Katrina Modrá

Written by Katrina Modrá Published on 22.07.2019 07:00:45 (updated on 22.07.2019) Reading time: 3 minutes

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Veeam, one of the world’s largest private software companies, a leader in backup solutions for virtual, physical, and cloud environments, currently employs more than 3,500 people in 30 countries around the world.

That includes 150 employees in Prague, a number that is set to significantly rise over the upcoming years. Last year, Veeam announced that it would be expanding—and hiring 500 employees to staff its new offices in the Czech capital.

“There is no turnover in our teams,” says Igor Katsev, Head of Veeam Quality Assurance (QA). “But we are nevertheless always on the lookout: the quantity and complexity of Veeam products are growing exponentially.”

Among those new hires, Veeam is currently looking for QA Engineers. One part of the Veeam interview process is giving prospective employees questions that require some thinking and imagination. Those who read to the end of this article and solve the questions will be given the opportunity to skip to the final interview stage for a position as a QA Engineer at Veeam.

Why work as a QA Engineer at Veeam?

A QA engineer is first and foremost, says Katsev, someone with a special mindset.

“Veeam products are complex solutions. Imagine testing a system that manages backups of tens of thousands of physical and virtual computers in a large company, or a product that archives hundreds of terabytes of data stored in the cloud.”

This sort of work requires knowledge of operating systems, networks, databases, virtualization, public clouds, and other technologies. Many of these skills can be acquired via on-the-job training at Veeam, but tech-savvy is just one quality Katsev looks for in a successful candidate.

Seeking candidates with a special mind

“A QA Engineer needs common sense and an open flexible mind, critical and analytical thinking, clear logic, and the ability to argue a point of view intelligently,” he says. Creativity and combinatorial thinking are also key requirements.

“Our QA Engineers are key players in the process of product creation,” Katsev says. “We carry a great deal of responsibility: hundreds of thousands of companies around the world are Veeam customers, including hospitals, banks, and governments. The safety of their data and business operations are at stake.”

What to expect in an interview at Veeam

Interviews are held in one or two stages. Simple logic tasks are given and open questions that require common sense and resourcefulness are asked. Candidates are asked to test an object showing imagination and the ability to come up with options.

Katsev says that knowledge of Windows or Linux, networking, and file systems, is also required. If a candidate does not solve a logic task or respond to a technical issue, it’s not “the end of the world.” Veeam always looks for candidates with a special mind rather than a specific knowledge base or set of automated actions.

Applicants may also be asked to complete an additional test task at home, for example, researching technical topics such as DNS or DHCP, or testing a faulty аpplication.

Take the test now and land a final interview

Think you’ve got what it takes to work at Veeam as a QA Engineer? These are the logic questions Veeam gives its applicants. Send your answers, along with your CV to  with the subject “I want to QA Prague”. The most interesting respondents will be invited directly to a final interview with Veeam QA.

1. Alex, Andrew, and Kate
Alex is looking at Kate and Kate is looking at Andrew. Alex has children; Andrew does not. Is a person who has children looking at a person who has no children? Answer options: “Yes,” “No,” or “Cannot be determined.” Explain your point of view.

2. Three kangaroos
Three Australian kangaroos are jumping precisely one after another along the Australian desert. The first kangaroo says, “Two kangaroos are jumping behind me.” The second says, “One kangaroo is jumping behind me, and one kangaroo is jumping ahead of me.” The third says, “One kangaroo is jumping behind me, and one kangaroo is jumping ahead of me.” Think of as many explanations as possible for this situation.

3. Shoes
Estimate how many pairs of shoes there are in the Czech Republic. The exact number is unknown but try to give as close an estimate as possible. 

4. The electric guitars
Imagine you work for a company that produces electric guitars. You are tasked with performing its safety and security testing. How would you test the guitar’s safety for its users and in its environment?

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