Eye-Popping Video of Prague in 4K

Catch some beautiful high-def footage of Prague via YouTube channel Around the World 4K

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 25.08.2015 10:46:50 (updated on 25.08.2015) Reading time: 1 minute

Over the past year, the YouTube channel Around the World 4K has captured footage of cities around the world for a series of videos in ultra high-definition 4K resolution.

Each month, the project uploads a new video, travelling the world from San Francisco to New York to Jamaica to Budapest.

This month, Around the World 4K has captured some gorgeous video of Prague using drones to capture the city from above and a steadicam on the city’s streets.

To fully appreciate the videos, you’ll need a 4K resolution monitor or TV (standard high-definition is 1920×1080, or roughly 2K).

Still, the footage is impressive even on standard high-def screens.

Here’s Prague in 4K:

Check out more videos from Around the World 4K on their YouTube channel or website.

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