Czech Republic Ranks Among World’s Safest Nations

The country makes the top 10 in the 2015 Global Peace Index

Dave Park

Written by Dave Park Published on 19.11.2015 11:32:56 (updated on 19.11.2015) Reading time: 1 minute

How safe is the Czech Republic?

It’s a question that comes up often, especially from those abroad who may not be familiar with the country or its position in Europe. Given the recent terror attacks in Paris, it’s something that’s being asked again.

Defining the safeness of a country isn’t easy, but the Global Peace Index, a list maintained by the Institute for Economics and Peace, has provided a measurement of the relative peacefulness for most of the world’s countries since 2007.

The Global Peace Index uses 22 indicators to determine a country’s relative peacefulness, including the number of external and internal conflicts fought, terrorist activity, relations with neighboring countries, and the level of violent crime.

According to the 2015 GPI, these are the world’s safest countries:

  • 1. Iceland
  • 2. Denmark
  • 3. Austria
  • 4. New Zealand
  • 5. Switzerland
  • 6. Finland
  • 7. Canada
  • 8. Japan
  • 9. Australia
  • 10. Czech Republic

Last year, the Czech Republic was ranked 11; the country has moved up from 18 in 2008, reaching a high point of 5 in 2011.

How do the ČR’s neighbors compare?

Apart from Austria (ranked at 3), Germany comes in at 16, Poland at 19, and Slovakia is 23.

While the Index was released earlier this year, well before the recent attacks in Paris, France ranked among the least safe countries in Europe, at 45. The UK came in at 39.

The United States ranks as the world’s 94th most peaceful country, between Peru and Saudi Arabia.

With the recent conflict in Ukraine, the country rates among the least safest, at 150. Russia comes in at 152 of the 162 countries ranked.

These are the most dangerous countries according to the 2015 GPI:

  • 1. Syria
  • 2. Iraq
  • 3. Afghanistan
  • 4. South Sudan
  • 5. Central African Republic
  • 6. Somalia
  • 7. Sudan
  • 8. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • 9. Pakistan
  • 10. North Korea

The complete results and more information about the Global Peace Index can be viewed here.

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