Joe Biden's EU summit speech very impressive, says Czech PM

The U.S. President's speech at Thursday's EU video summit was "very impressive", Czech PM Andrej Babiš told journalists


Written by ČTK Published on 27.03.2021 11:56:00 (updated on 27.03.2021) Reading time: 1 minute

U.S. President Joe Biden speech at Thursday's EU video summit was very impressive, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has told journalists.

Babiš said he hoped that EU relations with the USA would improve. For Europe, the USA is a primary ally and partner, Babiš said.

Biden is the first U.S. president since Barack Obama to take part in the EU summit, which he did from a distance. In 2009, Obama personally came to the summit in Prague.

Biden's 30-minute discussion with EU leaders was part of U.S. efforts to improve relations with long-term partners that had worsened under predecessor Donald Trump.

"I had a very good impression from his speech. He was very positive, unveiling to us the vision of revived transatlantic relations," Babiš said.

Biden laid stress on trade, investments, shared values as well as security and fight against climate change, he added.

Babiš said he hoped the new U.S. administration would manage "to close some gaps" such as by signing a trade deal with the EU.

"Let us hope the relations will substantially improve. For Europe, the USA is the main ally and partner," he added.

There was also talk about geopolitical affairs, Babiš said.

"Also about the fight against COVID-19. The USA has an advantage in that the main manufacturers of the vaccine are in the USA. We hope that after it finishes its vaccination, the manufacturers will considerably support EU member countries," he added.

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