An eco-friendly Czech fashion label is transforming maternity wear

Wo-Mum creates fashionable, re-wearable clothing for moms and expecting moms to purchase or rent.

Lindsey Garibaldi

Written by Lindsey Garibaldi Published on 19.12.2022 17:00:00 (updated on 19.12.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

Maternity wear has come a long way. But finding bump-friendly clothes that are both stylish and sustainable is a challenge for today's mom-to-be -- and given the short window of time for wearing them, maternity apparel isn't always eco-friendly.

In the Czech Republic, a new brand aims to revolutionize maternity style while putting sustainability at the forefront.

Czech brand Wo-mum designs multi-functional nursing tops and dresses that flatter during and after pregnancy, flexible bottoms and tights, and coats and jackets that can accommodate both a growing belly and also a baby strapped inside.

Aside from creating clothes with a longer shelf life, the company also offers customers the option to rent and incorporates upcycling into its business model.

Wo-mum was founded by Prague-based Jaroslava Šnejdarová, a mother of two and the CEO of a Spanish goods distribution company in the Czech Republic. Jaroslava was inspired to create the brand during her own pregnancies, when she struggled to find sustainable maternity clothes that represented her personal style.

“When I was pregnant, shopping for maternity clothes was a struggle. The clothes I found just didn’t feel like me and I didn’t want to support fast fashion, so I thought why don’t I just create them myself? And with Wom-mum I’m also creating a community for moms. I felt isolated during my early stages of motherhood so building a strong support network for moms is a personal mission for me” says Šnejdarová.

Sustainable and natural materials

Wo-mum sources fabrics from a GOTS-certified company in Germany and two producers in the Czech Republic that are focused on sustainable and natural materials. Local designers design the garments and then the clothing is produced in European workshops.

The production cycle focuses on saving water and reducing energy and chemical consumption. Consumers can purchase long-lasting garments that they can wear during all stages of motherhood or choose instead to rent the garments for 6 months and then return them.

In addition to maternity wear, Wo-mum stocks accessories such as hair ties, scented sachets, and sleep masks made from fabrics leftover from the production process.

Upcycling reduces waste

Wo-mum is creating positive change in the fashion industry by making upcycling a core brand value. All of their garments are practical, with multipurpose functions like subtle zip linings and expandable shapes so women can wear them during pregnancy, while nursing, and beyond.

A rental option reduces waste and minimizes the company’s (and customers’) carbon footprints which are especially large in the maternity industry.

“Traditional maternity clothes are unflattering, women wear them for a few months and then throw them away. Pregnancy should be celebrated. I wanted to create clothes moms would feel amazing in and want to keep wearing even after their baby arrives. It seemed like a big opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of maternity wear and boost women’s confidence during their pregnancies,” Šnejdarová says.

Moms, expecting moms, and their eco-conscious support network can buy or rent Wo-mum's pieces online. Visit their website to browse the garments and find out more about the renting process. Customers and moms can also join their community by following them on Facebook.

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