Prague's new LGBT+ community space welcomes Czechs and expats alike

Prague Pride has opened a new location for community work and events, and is calling for input from the international community. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 14.01.2022 17:00:00 (updated on 14.01.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

While the Czech Republic has been criticized for being slow to bring about legislation that promotes gay rights in the Czech Republic, the country’s capital is nonetheless considered one of Central Europes' more welcoming places for LGBT+ people. 

With the opening of its new LGBT+ community center this month, Prague Pride is creating a safe and respectful environment where people can feel at ease regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The new center on Prague 1's Železná St. is the first of its kind and represents a major step forward. 

According to Tom Bílý, Director of Prague Pride, the new center has been years in the making, with local LGBT+ groups showing an ever greater interest in community-based activities. 

“The expansion of Prague Pride’s activities into the field of community work is one of our strategic goals,” Bílý told “We have built on experiences from our community work around the Prague Pride festival and our other programs, such as the peer-to-peer counselling service” 

“We’ve also been inspired by our partners abroad. Although Prague is a kind of LGBT+ metropolis for Central and Eastern Europe, until now there hasn’t been a dedicated community space here.” 

The community center is open every Thursday from 15:00-21:00, although the opening hours will expand as more activities are laid on. LGBT+ and non-LGBT+ people are invited to head over Železná 492/18, Prague 1, for a friendly and welcoming social environment with board games, video games, books, a make-up corner and plenty of good company. 

“The community center will be a space for people to learn as well as have fun. There will be debates, screenings, workshops, support groups and many other activities. Of course, non-LGBT+ people are welcome too,” says Bílý. 

For now, events at the center will be focused on the local community, but it’s hoped the space will also become a hub for Prague’s international expat community. As such, Prague Pride are keen for expat groups to get in touch with any ideas for activities in English or other languages. 

“We're already being approached by the local expat community, so we're looking forward to being able to offer interesting activities for foreigners living in the Czech Republic too. We would be very pleased if people from these groups would come to us with their proposals,” said Bílý. 

Prague Pride is one of central Europe region’s largest and most vibrant LGBT+ celebrations. Held annually since 2011, Pride Week sees a large variety of events held for the local and international expat community. Although the traditional parade through the city center had to be canceled last August due to Covid restrictions, around 25,000 people took part in Prague Pride Week in 2021.

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