2018 Summer in Prague Was the Hottest in 244 Years

Average temperatures at the Klementinum in central Prague were 22.7° C from June through August, the highest in recorded history

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 06.09.2018 12:41:34 (updated on 06.09.2018) Reading time: 1 minute

As anyone in Prague could tell you, it got a bit hot out this year.

According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), temperatures recorded at the Klementinum measuring station in central Prague reached an average of 23.7° C in August – – a 3.8° C increase over the average temperatures recorded over the past four decades from 1981-2017.

For the summer as a whole, from June through August, the Klementinum measured an average of 22.7° C. That’s a 2.7° C increase across the same timeframe over the past four decades.

And it’s also highest recorded average temperature at the Klementinum station since, well, since temperatures have been recorded.

According to the CHMI, this August ranked as the third hottest (1807 and 2014 were both slightly warmer), but the average from June through August was the highest on record. In 2018, Prague experienced the hottest summer over the past 244 years, dating back to 1775.

The hot summer also followed a warm spring: average temperatures from March through May in Prague were the second hottest in history. It sounds like overall temperatures for 2018 are also in line to set some records.

Summer, by the way, isn’t officially over. And despite some recent rainfall, temperatures reaching highs of around 25° C are still forecast throughout the next week.

While temperatures are forecast to be high, some much-needed rainfall is also expected in many areas across the Czech Republic. Cloudy skies and scattered storms are expected in Prague through the weekend.

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