English lessons - Through languages to success

English lessons - Through languages to success


Languages are the key to success in the modern world. And there's no better time to start than now.
About Štěpán Dobeš (me)
  • What I teach English
  • Instructions inCzech, English
  • Native languageCzech
  • NationalityCzech
  • Group teachingyes
  • Online teachingyes
Hobbies: I adore studying languages, be it improving my French, learning Spanish or occassionally looking at Old English texts. Other hobbies include travelling or going on trips in the Czech republic, music and reading.
Where I teach
  • LocationPrague
  • Prague district4
  • Preferred settingTo be agreed
  • Do I commute?yes
I always meet my students at the place of their choosing.
  • 45 minutes-
  • 60 minutes400 CZK
  • 90 minutes-
  • 120 minutes-
  • Free trialYes
Are you afraid to speak? Do you avoid using your English because you don't want to make a mistake and find yourself in an awkward situation? Do you attend important meetings or interviews? Do you want to impress with your English? Do not hesitate and start learning now, you can always stop later.

You will learn:
- Grammar - How to create new words; to speak about the past, the present and the future; what makes up the formal features of the language
- Syntax - How to create a sentence; to understand complex texts based on their context; how to modify your sentences to give them different meaning
- Vocabulary - New words and expressions; idiomatic expressions; ways how to enrich your language
- Speech - How to properly pronounce words and grammatical structures; to organise your thoughs, to create complex sentences

You should practise your English to avoid being stressed in formal situations. Learn proper grammar and impress others. Learning languages not only improves your chances of finding success, but it also opens the world of endless opportunities to you. There are countless new people to talk to, places to visit, books to read, movies to watch and songs to listen to. English has become a vital part of our modern world; everybody speaks it nowadays, but not everybody does so at a good level.

I will walk you through grammatical structures, tenses and main features of the English language. I will help you practise your speech, the way you organise and connect your thoughts. I want to hear you speak and immerse yourself in the language so that it no longer represents a barrier. We will broaden your vocabulary via reading a variety of texts as well as experimenting with creating new words following the rules that the native speakers use. Based on my education in phonetics, I will help you improve your pronunciation.

With brief exercises focused on grammar, we will speak about a wide variety of topics that are up-to-date with what is going on in the world. The lessons are supposed to help you express yourself and so the topics and themes will most of the time revolve around your life and professional career. As soon as you are able to express your mood, feelings and oppinions, you can continue by learning grammatical structures like inversion and modal verbs that will turn your English into a proper formal speech fit for any kind of formal situation that you might find yourself in.

Should you have any questions about my education, my way of teaching, my person or anything else you might think of, do not hesitate to contact me at my phone number: 739 147 533, or my email adress: mastr3105@seznam.cz

My teaching experience

  • My education Grammar school Gymnázium Opatov London Institute Charles University, Faculty of Arts
  • Experience3-5 years
  • References Wella Professionals
  • Certification- C2 level English certificate - B.A. in Linguistics, American and English language, literature and culture

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