Advanced to Beginner - YOGA

Advanced to Beginner - YOGA

Dlouhá 609/2, Praha 1, 11000

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Join me with my new version of Chakra yoga. After my training I found myself interested in both vinyasa/power yoga and jin. Using the chakras as a foundation for my classes, we flow through the seven main chakras. The first class is based on awakening the first chakra through a vinyasa and strengh based flow. In the second lesson we use jin to take our flexibility to the next level. Each of the chakras are explored in one vinyasa class and one lesson of jin. Join me and awaken the beauty and richness found only from within. Classes in Prague 1 next to the Old Town Square.

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The best yoga class in the heart of Prague

Reviewed by user 19.12.2023
After trying these yoga classes I felt balanced and full of new positive, energy. I really like that each lesson is focused on one of the seven chakras, with one more dynamic lesson and the next jin focused. I really loved the balance of more demanding jang like vinyasa sequences and beautifully yummy jin sessions. The teacher is extremely knowledgeable and her classes are reflective and inspiring.


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