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We provide expert advice for both EU and non-EU expats who are already residing in the Czech Republic or who are planning to move here. Our services range from obtaining long-term visas, temporary stays, and residence permits to starting your own business, filing tax returns, and much, much more.

We act quickly and efficiently, and we think of everything! We’ll spot any potential issues with your case before you submit your application and outline all possible visa scenarios so that you can rest assured you’ll receive a positive outcome from the Czech authorities.

Why choose us? Because we stay in touch, we respond to your emails and queries right away, we keep our word, and we always meet our deadlines. Most of our clients even become our friends!

You are not just a number or a name on an application form to us. We see all our clients as individuals and take a personalized approach when handling your visa or residence permit applications.

Stay on TOP of your Czech affairs.
Meet with TOP Visa!

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Visa Help for Expats

Reviewed by Jose Paz 17.01.2023
As far as legal advice and processes go, the service Hany provides is unlike any other. I have been working with her since my arrival to Czech Republic in 2017 and she has been on top of everything i need in order to continue my visa progression here. The communication is so easy and so personal that it really makes you feel at ease with anything related to documents that need to be obtained and preparation before an important meeting at any... read more
Response from owner: Thank you for your kind words. Fingers crossed you pass your exam tomorrow!

Best visa assistant an expat can ask for

Reviewed by Ana Dvoskina 17.01.2023
Hany has been our family's invaluable visa assistant and consultant through quite a few applications. Her professionalism, thorough and personal approach have always resulted in visa approvals for my partner, my daughter and, no matter how difficult it was. Just now my daughter's permanent residency got approved, and it's thanks to Hany's careful assessment of the situation, her solid knowledge and extensive experience. Hany really is the best... read more
Response from owner: It has been a pleasure working with you Ana. Thank you for your trust. I am glad that your family can stay together in peace in the Czech Republic.