Systema Center Prague

Systema Center Prague

Polska 1, Praha 2, 12000

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The Systema center is located in Vinohrady close to the centre of Prague.

Systema is a russian martial art in which the basic principles are breathing, relaxation, natural movement and body position.
Exercising Systema develops the flexibility and sensitivity of your body, its strength and endurance, and gives a sense of confidence. Russian Systema breathing exercises are included in the basis for any exercise movements. During training, your body gets rid of unnecessary stress, and you will learn methods of self-relaxation of body and mind, various other breathing exercises, stretching and massage. You will get to know your body better and you'd make a better use of it in everyday life.

Systema is a unique martial art that comprehensively studying the human, his physical and psychological reactions in a conflict situation.It allows you to fight with many rivals, conduct strikes and other protective measures without learning comprehensive techniques. Understanding the functioning of our body gives strength to our muscles, mind and soul. Systema includes in itself all the fighting techniques such as punches, kicks, work with weapons (knife, stick, whip, gun), ground fighting and defense against one or more opponents.

Class schedule:
Wednesday 20.00 -21.30
Friday 19:00 – 20:30

New members can join any training during the year. English speaking people are welcome.

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