P. Štěpánek - Tennis Coach

P. Štěpánek - Tennis Coach

Střelecký ostrov 336, Praha, 11000

4.8 Reviewed by 16 users
Initial Tennis mixer details:
> Date: Saturday July 26th
> Time: Start 14:00 . Should finish at around 18:00 – barbecue afterwards
> Address: Střelecký ostrov 336, Praha 1
> Category: co-ed doubles
> Fee: 350,- CZK/person

Come and improve your tennis in beautiful surroundings in the centre of Prague.

If you are looking for top quality coaching near your home or office, don't hesitate
to get in touch. We are very happy to come to the tennis facility closest to you!

Ideal for:

- Beginners who want to learn the correct fundamentals of technique and footwork, to avoid developing bad habits that will limit further progress.

- Improvers who want to increase their ball control and weight of shot.

- Professional video analysis for players who may have been coached before, but who have never had an opportunity to benefit from this invaluable coaching tool.

- Children who need to start with basic body coordination and mechanics - so important
in terms of control and efficiency as they begin to learn how to hit the ball.

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Simply the Best

Reviewed by Kevin Mularski 18.03.2014
As an ex-squash professional who loves tennis and who understands the qualities it takes for a coach to get the best out of his/her players, I have the absolute highest regard for Petr's coaching ability. After having taken lessons from several other Czech coaches over the last few years, I can honestly say that none of them holds a candle to Petr. I have known him since 2004 - when he first started helping me with my tennis technique at a... read more

Great Childrens Tennis Lessons

Reviewed by Paul Monteiro 26.03.2012
My son has now been training with Petr for three years, starting when he was just 3 years old. Petr has a great ability to train at this age, keeping the training interesting, & mixing coordination skills through a variety of fun exercises with and without a racquet and ball that has helped my son immensely with other sports. Now in his 3rd year, my son has competed in his first tournament in Prague, showing himself more than capable of... read more

Great tenniscoach

Reviewed by Verena.Frasco@yahoo.com 24.01.2011
A year ago we were looking for an english speaking coach, who can improve our daughters(8 years) game.Well,we found in Petr the right man.Footwork,service and the overall game improved rapidly.She loves training with Petr and we highly recommend him, if you are looking for a great coach for your children. Petr is very patient , experienced and he also helped us to get our daughter in competitive tennis. The outdoorcourts are located in a... read more

Tennis Class

Reviewed by mck 15.01.2011
We highly recommend the lessons from Petr. Since he is a dedicated instructor and makes the classes both enjoyable and well organized, while his English is perfect.Finally, we look forward to begin our doubles classes again soon. Michaela and Alex

Prague tennis

Reviewed by pmaher 08.01.2011
Tennis clubs in Prague appear to provide good facilities provided you have a group to players, but its not easy for a new arrival to find English speaking partners at a similar level. I solved the problem last summer by taking some lessons with Petr on the courts on the island under the Legii bridge (the one between Cafe Savoy and the National Theatre). This has to be one of the most beautiful tennis settings in Europe where one is cooled off... read more


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